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French President Emmanuel Macron promised this Tuesday that in the next few days the Government will intensify its actions against radical Islamism, after a terrorist beheaded Samuel Paty, a secondary school teacher who had shown his students the controversial cartoons of Muhammad, on Friday outside Paris. Macron assured that he will go from words to deeds. “We know what must be done. These are acts that our fellow citizens expect. These acts will intensify “in the coming days and weeks, the head of state promised.

Among other measures, the president announced that this Wednesday the dissolution of the pro-Palestinian group Cheikh Yassine will be approved by the Council of Ministers for being “Directly involved” in this Islamist attack, according to Macron. Cheikh Yassine was founded by the radical Islamist militant Abdelhakim Sefrioui, who appears in the so-called ‘S file’ of people likely to represent a danger to state security due to their radicalization.

Sefrioui is among those arrested after the professor’s beheading. This radical Islamist accompanied the father of a student to see the principal of the school where Samuel Paty taught to complain that the teacher had shown his class the cartoons of Muhammad in a lesson on freedom of expression. Together they later made a video attacking the teacher that they disclosed on social networks and it went viral. The murderer of Samuel Paty, a Russian refugee of Chechen origin named Abdoulakh Anzorov, was in contact with the student’s father through WhatsApp in the days before the crime, according to the French press.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced on Monday that the government wants to dissolve several organizations that it considers “Enemies of the Republic”, among them the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) and the Muslim NGO Baraka City. But Macron did not mention them in his statements yesterday to the press.

Brahim C., the father of the student who was the origin of the social media mobilization against Professor Paty, made a call in a video on Facebook to contact the CCIF. This organization, created in 2000, is presented as an association in defense of human rights whose mission is fight Islamophobia. But many in France consider it “the Trojan horse” of Islamism, according to the weekly ‘Le Nouvel Obs’. Some even accuse her of being linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which they deny.

Under suspicion

The CCIF assures that they have “nothing to do with the campaign of harassment that led to the vile Conflans-Sainte-Honorine attack.” They explain that the father of the student contacted them to open a file for discrimination, based on the fact that Professor Paty would have asked Muslim students to leave the classroom in the course of freedom of expression in which he taught the cartoons of Muhammad.

This association ensures that they asked the father to immediately remove the video and stop talking about this matter until someone from the organization contacted him. The professor was beheaded before they could. «By accusing us, no proof of being responsible or even linked to this abominable act, the Ministry of the Interior is signing the end of the rule of law, “the CCIF denounces on its website. This organization maintains that for years the French Government has been developing “a repressive strategy of persecution, which seeks to politically kill any protest … in the name of ‘freedom of expression’”.

In the interior minister’s point of view there is also the Islamic humanitarian aid organization Baraka City, which does charities in popular neighborhoods with strong immigration and is very active on social networks.

Close to the Salafists, it is founded by Idriss Sihamedi, also included in the ‘S file’ for being susceptible radicalization. Those responsible for this NGO assure that “it has not committed any illegal act that justifies its dissolution.


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