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An artist in Illinois is making the dinosaur models, and a Florida artist designed the animatronic dino that can be ridden by kids 2 years old and up.

“It’s basically like an old-fashioned kiddie ride at the grocery store but on steroids,” Pete said. “These are big dinosaurs. The artists are very knowledgeable. They’ll be very lifelike and very unique. You’ll be completely surrounded by dinosaurs.”

Kids will be able to make prehistoric plushes, which he described as a “Build-A-Bear for dinosaurs.” They will be able to create their own stuffed T-rexes, Triceratopses, Sauropods, Bronchosauruses, sabertooths and wooly mammoths.

I Dig Dinos also will sell dinosaur toys, figurines, kits, candy and sand art in which dinosaurs can be filled with different colored sand. It will carry authentic fossils and replica fossils from different time periods.

“We’ll have everything from the more elaborate to those just starting a collection, everything from mammoth tusks to fossilized dinosaur dung,” Pete said. “We’ll have trilobites, ammonites, all sorts of dinosaur teeth, cave bear fossils and megalodon teeth. We’ll have full fossils of three-inch Spinosaurus teeth, the Spinosaurus with the sailfin from ‘Jurassic Park 3’ that kills the T-Rex.”

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