French teens find playful exams are just no fun | World | #socialmedia | #children

A word that means playful or fun has captivated the nation after it baffled thousands of school-leavers in a baccalaureate examination, causing many to abandon a key essay.

A large number of the 186,000 candidates taking the French test for the baccalauréat professionnel, the vocational training stream of the school-leavers’ certificate, had never come across the word ludique, which appeared in the question of a compulsory essay: “Selon vous, le jeu est-il toujours ludique?” — in your view, is play always fun?

Many took to social media to voice indignation over the use of a term they felt was too obscure for an essay worth half the marks in the exam. “On my paper I just wrote: ‘I do not know what ludique

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