Fresno police investigate video of teen beaten near Sunnyside High School

Fresno police are attempting to identify a group of teenagers caught on video at the scene of an apparent beating of another teen in southeast Fresno.

Police believe the fight took place on Church Avenue east of Dewitt Avenue on Monday afternoon. The scene appears to where Church dead-ends. Police also suspect that the students involved may attend Sunnyside High School, about two miles north of the beating scene, and that the victim is believed to be a 10th-grader.

The video has been passed around via social media this week. It is the latest incident in which a fight video has gone viral. In November, Destiny Unique Rico, 21, also know as “Baby Dreamer,” pleaded no contest to charges of robbery and street terrorism in front of Fresno County Superior Court Judge Alan Simpson.

She was accused of beating and forcing a woman to strip in an attack near Dakota and Marks avenues on Sept. 6. Video of the assault was posted to Facebook showing several people watching the assault while barking in the background, a Bulldog gang intimidation tactic.