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  • 10 years ago, 2 accused jailed for attempting to murder a friend
  • Both accused in the case are employed, sentenced to 7-7 years in prison
  • Controversy in college, youth out of coma told the developments

Ten years ago, a student of engineering was pushed from the building by two of his friends after a minor argument. When the student came to his senses after being in a coma for about a year, he narrated the whole incident. In that case, now after 10 years, both the accused have been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

Souvik Chatterjee, who was a victim of the accident, came out of coma after battling for life and death for a year. He is now 29 years old. Shashank Das (29) and Jitendra Sahu (32) were charged with their statement after coming to consciousness. A resident of Assam, Shashank is working in a private bank in Delhi, while Odisha’s Jitendra is working in an IT company in Bangalore.

Souvik remained in bed for almost a year after the incident 10 years ago. He is living in Kolkata. Based on his statement after coming out of coma, Avahalli police registered a case of attempt to murder against Shashank and Jitendra under section 307. He was also arrested in 2012 but later released on bail.

What happened?
Sauvik and Shashank studied in the same class at Engineering College near KRPuram, while Jitendra was a PG student. Souvik had a close friendship with Sonali (name changed) studying at the Women’s College of the same campus. Shashank also liked him. Shashank talks about this with some back and forth, after which Souvik breaks up with him.

Police said, ‘Shashank got angry and told the whole thing to Jitendra. On 6 December 2010, Shashank called Souvik and apologized and asked to meet. Shashank, Jitendra and two unidentified men assaulted Souvik at Sauvik’s flat and threw him down from the third floor. ‘


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