Fury at breach by sex offender

An enraged father wants the Department of Corrections to explain how a convicted paedophile was allowed to live under the same roof as his three children.

Corrections has admitted failings in a lapse that only surfaced when the father saw a photograph of his flatmate on social media and details of his criminal past.

The former flatmate, Allen Malsen, 30, pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court on Thursday to breaching his 10-year extended supervision order by having contact with the man’s three children, all aged under 16, without the presence of an approved adult.

An extended supervision order allows monitoring of high-risk sex offenders and very high-risk violent offenders after completing their prison term.

In 2000, Malsen, then 16 and known as Alan Gilbert Wilson, was denied name suppression when he was sentenced to four years’ jail on 22 sex charges involving four children. Seven charges related to a 2-year-old girl.

He has appeared in court for breaching supervision several times since originally being freed from jail in April 2004.

The Christchurch father, who did not want to be named, said he was “in complete and utter shock” when he realised Malsen’s offending history.

He said his daughter, 7, and two sons, 10 and 12, stayed at his house every second weekend and on other occasions while Malsen was there.

“I feel totally let down, they [Corrections] put my kids’ safety at risk . . . if they did their job properly none of this would have been allowed to happen. Thank God my kids are safe.”

The father said he told Malsen he had children when Malsen inquired about the room advertised on Facebook and Trade Me about March last year.

He said Malsen exhibited odd behaviour, including installing four cameras around the property after he was verbally abused. He had a Facebook profile under the alias Barry Smith.

“But he came across as personable, and always eager to help.”

When the children were present, the father said Malsen was often “harsh” towards them, but never abused them.

The father knew of two occasions when probation services visited the property while the children were away, but Malsen asked him to stay away or go to his room.

“He said it was his physio and he indicated to me he was going to have sex with her.”

It was not until mid-January when the father learned of Malsen’s criminal history after finding a social media page aiming to expose child sex offenders in Christchurch.

“As a parent you absolutely freak right out.”

The father said he had contacted Corrections demanding an explanation, but only received assurance it would be investigated after inquiries from media and Malsen’s guilty plea.

Glenn Morrison, the Department of Corrections southern region operations manager, admitted the handling of Malsen’s case was inadequate. “An initial review of this case shows that the management of this offender did not meet expected standards.”

Malsen was “a manipulative sex offender”, Morrison said, who failed to tell probation officers he had a flatmate.

Morrison said when Corrections became aware of the father’s police complaint on January 16, it took action and Malsen was arrested and remanded in custody that day. He promised that the department’s chief probation officer would conduct a full review.

source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/66184341/fury-at-breach-by-sex-offender