Gadsden family wants justice for 17 year old killed in night club shooting

A family wants answers about why a Gadsden City High School junior was shot at a night club this weekend. Seventeen year old Anthony Hale died from his injuries hours after he was shot at Club Status on Broad Street.

Hale’s family tells ABC 33/40 Friday night was teen night at Club Status. The seventeen year old went to meet up with some friends.

“We are absolutely devastated,” Tiffany Hale Carter told ABC 33/40. “There’s no other way to say it. He was a baby. He was a baby and this was senseless…. His aunt and his uncle were planning to take him on a college visit April 11.”

Planning for college transformed into planning for a funeral. Carter started a memorial for her nephew right across the street from the night club where he was shot and killed.

“He didn’t go inside. He was just hanging out. He didn’t get a chance to go inside. Someone started fighting and he ran away from the fight and although he was running away, a stray bullet, you know,” said Carter.

Residents at Daugette Towers apartments saw everything outside their windows.

“I don’t feel safe,” said David Barlett. “I feel like I should be somewhere else.”

They’ve started a petition to close the club down.

“Every Friday and Saturday night, something’s going on, a fight or whatever like that,” said Barlette.

This time, that fight cost Hale his life.

“Anyone who met Junior will tell you he was a special kid,” described Carter. “He was seventeen years old. He was 6’2”. He was great at basketball. He was great at football and he also made excellent grades. He was being recruited by colleges in the 11th grade.”

Hale’s family is looking for justice and tell me they haven’t been able to get any information from The Gadsden Police Department. ABC 33/40 has also been trying since Saturday to get more details from the police and we have not heard anything back.