Genesee County raising awareness of child abuse

April is National Child Abuse prevention month and Genesee County is doing its part in raising awareness as cases continue to rise in the county.

The big driving point from officials is that people really need to speak up.

It’s called the Paint Our Town Blue campaign. It’s to raise awareness about child abuse prevention, along with encouraging people to speak up about suspected cases of child abuse.

Officials say people need to work together and pay attention to some of the warning signs. Now, those obviously vary to a certain degree.

Officials say that parents, guardians, teachers and the like – the ones who have the most interaction with kids – need to be on the lookout for strange or odd behaviors, along with noticing any physical changes they may see in the child.

“If you think about your whole family, somewhere in that family there was uncle Joe and aunt Mary; somebody who is not doing something we thought or felt right with children often. And that is an uncomfortable thing; but if we don’t speak up and we don’t try to protect these children before they get into the system, it’s going to get worse,” said Robert Ennis, Ennis Children’s Center President and CEO.

Part of the campaign are pinwheels. The pinwheels have been a longstanding icon for child abuse prevention.

Monday, they had a ceremony planting the pinwheels. It’s a symbol that children deserve to have a great childhood and a prosperous future.

Please report any suspected cases of child abuse to law enforcement.