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Maddie Leek is a different kind of personal trainer. She will add a little bit of punch to your fitness program. Okay, actually a lot of punch.

We caught up to her while she was running an outdoor training session.

The fact that she had women working on their boxing skills on a patch of pavement near Kelowna’s Apple Bowl, is thanks to the pandemic.

It’s fitness, but it’s fierce.

“I just have such a passion for creating strong females,” said Leek.

Most of her students aren’t looking to compete as fighters, but developing those skills changes them, she said.

“I have a lot of my females come back to me telling me that they just feel more confident,” she explained.

“If something did happen, they would know what to do.”

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Teigan Gayse is a student of Leeks, and she’s thriving with it.

“I’ve never boxed before, so this is something new to me, she said.

She’s noticed it’s made her arms a lot stronger, but that’s not all.

“I leave here feeling so empowered,” she said.

Leek has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to go along with other skills.

“I think it gives off this energy, this vibe,” she added. “Don’t mess with me, right?”

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She believes it’s something more young women could benefit from.

“Eventually I do want to get into the school system,” said Leek. “And try to implement self-defence teaching at a younger age.”

Leeks clients train a minimum of twice a week, some more than that.

She also does small group training and she takes on male clients as well.

Anyone interested can find Maddie Leek Fitness here.

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