Ghost Apps Let Kids Hide Photos on Phones

Could your kids be hiding inappropriate photos on their phones?

Ghost apps allow teens to hide photos and more on their mobile devices. The apps are often disguised as calculators.

Enter a code, and you’re allowed in to the apps secret purpose. Inside isinformation hidden from people who could be checking the phone–people like Mom and Dad.

Many parents have never heard of ghost apps–but Mike Harris, who investigates child internet sex crimes, says most kids know all about these apps.

“Ghost apps, hidden apps they’re everywhere and the kids know about them and then we as parents, even if we try to be vigilant, check our kids’ technology devices, we’re not going to see them there.”

Harris teaches parents how to wise up.

“We suggest that parents put on parental controls. If your kid needs an app, or wants an app, you find out what does that app do, why do you want this? If you agree with it, then you put in the parent pass code. The kid doesn’t know it and then you allow them to download that app.”

Harris says he’s heard the “my kid would never” line too many times.

“This one father in particular, he wept so hard, thought he was a failure because he just could not believe his 12 year old daughter would be sending out inappropriate naked pictures of herself.”

Ghost apps may make it possible for kids to hide stuff from their parents, unless the parent takes control.