Giovanna Fletcher says ‘challenging’ homeschooling changed her parenting style | #parenting

Giovanna Fletcher opened up on how a demanding homeschooling routine changed her parenting style.

The I’m A Celeb Queen of the Jungle told the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine that she had to be “quite firm” at times to help her three boys adjust to the new routine.

Like millions of parents throughout the country, Giovanna was forced to put her normal life on hold to home-school her children when schools closed during lockdown.

Speaking about her parenting style, she added: “I have moments where I’m really playful and we’re having lots of fun. Then moments when I’m really chilled and relaxed – letting them jump around and do what they like.

“Then I can be quite firm. I think homeschooling has made every parent firm at times.

“Having three kids who squabble, it’s about trying to listen to them and letting them settle their own differences.”

Giovanna Fletcher, Tom Fletcher and children

Giovanna splits parenting duties 50/50 with husband McFly pop star Tom Fletcher.

The couple have sons Buzz, six, Buddy, five, and Max, two and Giovanna refused to rule out a fourth – but hinted it’s unlikely.

The 36-year-old also recently interviewed Kate Middleton on her hugely successful podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby.said: “She was incredible. She was just so elegant and poised.

“When you see her talking to anyone, she really is engaged and listens to every word they are saying.”

When it comes to Mother’s Day, Giovanna said she prefers the simple pleasures.

I’m A Celeb Queen of the Jungle Giovanna Fletcher

This morning Tom and the boys treated her to a breakfast in bed of a hot cross bun and a coffee.

Giovanna added: “I do love a nice lie-in. That’s as big as I go in terms of what I want [laughs]. Then I’ll go downstairs and have some lovely food.

“It’s an excuse to put my feet up more. It’s also a nice day to look at your family and feel that sense of joy that you’ve created life. It’s a day of appreciation.

“I always get a handmade card – although last year, I was drawn one that looked like I was an old lady with a walking stick [laughs]. For me, that’s what it’s all about though.”

Giovanna and Tom are childhood sweethearts

Giovanna Fletcher Tom Fletcher

Giovanna describes husband Tom as her “best mate” and said the couple are childhood sweethearts who first met at 13.

She opened up on life as the girlfriend of a pop star and described McFly as “so down to earth.”

Giovanna added: “Being a girlfriend is seen to be a lot more glamorous than it is. I remember for years wanting to go on tour, then when you do you realise you’re just following someone around and it’s not as much fun as you think. My experience of being the girlfriend of a band member is slightly different because the boys are so down to earth.

“They haven’t been bothered by sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. I mean, they’ve had their moments [laughs] – but not Tom.”

Giovanna Fletcher poses for a promotional shot for her stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
Giovanna wowed in her stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Giovanna won the hearts of the nation when she was crowned Queen of the Jungle on I’m a Celebrity last year.

She said: “It was so surreal. I was flabbergasted. Even when I got my phone back, Tom and I just laughed down the line for about 15 minutes. We all sat in the hallway and cuddled for a while when I came home.

“I had no worries about Tom being with the boys because it is such a team effort with us. I knew they were in safe hands. We do everything 50/50 anyway.

“It’s made us appreciate each other a lot more. It’s changed in some ways. But it’s a moment we will always look back on and cherish.”

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