Girl, 14, Arrested For Writing Note Threatening Shooting At Bella Vista High School


SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Detectives say a 14-year-old girl wrote the note threatening a shooting at Bella Vista High School.

The freshman was arrested on campus Wednesday, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. She is facing a felony charge of making criminal threats.

The note was found in a girl’s restroom at the school Friday. It reportedly said that a school shooting would happen on Monday, Oct. 27. The threat prompted a nearly 50 percent drop in attendance Monday, detectives say.

The girl reportedly told school officials that she only wanted to get a day off from school and had no intention of committing a shooting.

“Though it saddens me greatly to see one of our students face such harsh consequences for a poor choice, the nature of the threat and anxiety it caused are unacceptable for our community,” said Bella Vista High School Principal Peggy Haskins.

According to detectives, threats have been found at five other high schools in the area over past two weeks. While no evidence has been found that the threats are credible, authorities have responded by upping law enforcement presence at the schools.

“The impact of the threat has been very real. Instructional time was lost when students stayed home, and the threat caused anguish, uncertainty and fear in our community,” Haskins said.

The girl, who is not being identified, has been booked into juvenile hall.