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New Delhi: Mumbai Police on Thursday traced and reunited a seven-year-old girl, Pooja Gaur, along with her mother and siblings, who went missing in 2013 after nine and a half years. Police arrested electrician Harry D’Souza and his wife Soni for kidnapping Pooja Gaur. now 16) in 2013.

Pooja was one of the 166 minor girls who went missing from Dadabhai Naoroji police station area between 2008-2015.

The then officer-in-charge, Assistant Sub Inspector Rajendra Bhosale, who is retired from the force, along with his team had traced 165 girls out of the total 166 missing girls and Pooja was the 166th minor girl recorded in the files in DN. City police station

The girl was kidnapped on January 22, 2013 and was last seen by her brother Rohit. She was sitting on a perch on the road near her school Cama Road Municipal School in Andheri.

Hours before his retirement, Sub-Inspector Bhonsle was still hoping for a clue to help him find the 166th girl. He also revisited all the details that he might have omitted by mistake. Bhosale was very sorry for not being able to find Pooja. He kept her picture for almost two years in the hope of finding it. When he used to go out of Mumbai, he also kept a bunch of pictures of Pooja.

According to DN Nagar Senior Inspector Milind KurdePeople who abducted Pooja had given her the promise of buying ice cream. Kurde said that D’Souza and his wife did not have children, so he kept Pooja with him and named her Annie. When they had a child three years later, the couple used to make Pooja do household chores and even make her work as a maid in other places.

The joy of seeing her again for Pooja’s mother who is a peanut seller, her uncle Vinod and her two brothers is unbelievable.

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