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Happy GIS Day 2020! There’s TONS going on, for example, this interesting presentation from the Library of Congress on mapping the corona virus pandemic! There are many ways that you can participate, either quickly, or you can spend all day taking part in really cool online activities! Esri has recently shared a blog providing 1010 things you can do to take part in the fun!

GIS Day tip 102 – meet a couple of GIS Legends!

Here’s just a sampling from the lengthy list (Esri)

1. Volunteer to give an online presentation at a school, library, or your place of work on GIS Day.

2. Write a blog on the benefits of GIS and share it on social media (don’t forget to include #GISDay).

3. Create a GIS Day poster or print your own here.

4. Offer to lecture at your alma mater on your career and achievements in GIS.

5. Tell your family about GIS and show the ways in which it’s helping to create a better future.

6. Open a conversation about GIS with a child or loved one.

7. Contact a local school, and talk to administrators about ArcGIS for Schools, the free software package for K–12 schools.

8. Forward your favorite geography video or map to a friend.

9. Host a GIS Day event in your organization to celebrate your work, and register your event with us.

10. Set up a poster display of your GIS work in the lobby at your workplace or home office.

View the entire list of 101 ideas HERE

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Happy GIS Day!

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