Global parenting survey says new parents in the PH feel high pressure – The Manila Times | #parenting

The Parenting Index, a first-of-its-kind study into parenting experiences in 16 countries including the Philippines, for the first time identifies universal factors that impact on ease of parenting across the world.

These eight universal factors are absence of pressure (internal and external), financial resilience, support for working life, an easy baby, health and well-being resources, a supportive environment, shared parenting, and parenting confidence.

Commissioned by Nestlé headquartered in Switzerland, the Index is a component of the Nestlé Parenting Initiative as a part of the company’s commitment to support new parents in raising their children. The study was conducted by Kantar, an evidence-based insight and consulting global company.

Parents in the Philippines (ranked 14th) who were surveyed feel pessimistic in three key factors, including experiencing high levels of pressure and low financial resilience. They also report feeling less satisfied across all the other factors.

In the Philippines, societal and internal pressure comes from traditional, collectivist culture, strong family ties, and the demands of balancing childcare and work to help provide and care for the family.

Parents in the Philippines are likely to live with extended families. Living in close quarters with older family members ensures the preservation of tradition, family values, respect and obedience to elders, and adherence to habits and practices of the previous generations while getting help in childcare.

As for feelings of low financial resilience, financial constraints are further exacerbated by the economic situation of the country, and most Filipino moms tend to continue working after giving birth in order to help provide for the family. Moms in this situation fear appearing neglectful of their child, as they struggle to manage their time and address the daily demands of juggling work and childcare.

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