Google Launches Online Science Camp For Kids

Google has launched a new program called Google Camp which will help you in keeping your child busy during the summers and expand their knowledge of science, this is a month-long online science camp by Google which is primarily geared towards children between the ages of 7-10 years. It’s a free online program that gets kids learning through fun and interactive science activities and adventures.

The company has already published a video on its main YouTube channel to provide a glimpse of what kids will experience during the month, they’ll learn about technology and the world by exploring places through Google Earth, asking relevant questions through Google Search and with YouTube providing the relevant videos.

It’s no surprise that the entire program ties in heavily with Google’s own services, but some activities have been designed which will require the use of household items, so kids won’t merely be confined to a mobile device every day.

The word “camp” has merely been used symbolically here, no travel is required, all of the activities will be carried out online and they will be broken up into different themes for each week like ocean, space, nature and music. Participants will earn badges for each week that they complete.

Google Camp has been created in collaboration with the engineers at Google, Khan Academy, National Geographic Kids, National Parks and even NASA. The program will go live on July 13th, more details on its website.

Source: Ubergizmo