Government blasted for proposals to pay student nurses €2.85 an hour to ‘return to the trenches’ in fight against Covid | #students | #parents

SINN Fein TD John Brady has blasted proposals that student nurses be paid €2.85 an hour to “return to the trenches” in the fight against Covid.

The Wicklow TD’s daughter Saoirse is a student nurse who returned to hospital for an eight-week placement yesterday along with thousands of other students.


Sinn Fein TD John Brady’s daughter returned to hospital for an eight-week placement
The Government has been blasted for paying student nurses €2.85 an hour2

The Government has been blasted for paying student nurses €2.85 an hourCredit: Alamy

During Saoirse’s last placement, she picked up Covid-19 which “ran like wildfire” through her household and left her grandad fighting for his life for ten days in ICU.

Brady claims the Government’s €100 a week offer is an insult to the thousands of student nurses who put their health on the line.

He told the Irish Sun: “We’ve seen it first-hand here, my daughter contracted it, and the impact it had on our family.

“Her grandfather ended up in ICU for ten days and was very, very lucky to come through. That was down to the professionalism of frontline workers in the hospitals with nurses and doctors that provided him with excellent help.

“I appreciate that we’re the lucky ones. We’re luckier than a lot of families whose loved ones haven’t come home.

“But €2.85 is an absolute insult for these students, who can only be described as heroes.

“The Government are quick to offer them a round of applause, but when it comes to actually giving them something they deserve, unfortunately, what they’re talking about is an insult.”

Saoirse picked up Covid-19 at the end of her last placement in October. Her dad, John, told the Irish Sun he then tested positive for the virus with his father-in-law who lives with them.

John said: “When this terrible virus comes into your household and a loved one is taken away in an ambulance, you don’t know when you might see them again. Or the worse-case scenario: if you will get to see them again.”

He said of our selfless frontline heroes: “No-one is complaining about having to go to work, but they would like more than a round of applause — and they deserve more than that.”

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