Governor Hochul Signs Alyssa’s Law | #schoolshooting

State Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick said, “Gun violence has shattered the lives of far too many families, but Alyssa’s Law is an important step to keeping our kids safe in school. I am in awe of the strength and resilience of Alyssa’s mom Lori and her whole family, who have made it their mission to improve school safety after the loss of their beloved Alyssa in 2018. Thank you Governor Hochul for signing this crucial legislation. Progress against gun violence is possible, and New York is leading the way.”

Assemblymember Kenneth Zebrowski Jr. said, “As we continue to see tragedy unfold at schools across the country, panic alarms are an important step to ensure swift notification of first responders and emergency services, and they are something that all schools should have. The tireless advocacy of Alyssa’s mother Lori, her cousin Jadyn, and their family has been crucial in getting this bill passed and signed into law today. This statute will continue to honor Alyssa’s memory. I thank Governor Hochul for taking action and signing this bill into law that will make our schools safer for students across New York.”

Alyssa’s Mother, Lori Alhadeff, said, “New York’s passage of Alyssa’s Law represents a true investment in the lives of students and teachers across the state. Time equals life and honoring our daughter Alyssa in this way will help to Make Our Schools Safe.”

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said, “At a time when too many politicians are giving lip-service to addressing gun violence, Gov. Hochul is taking action. From strengthening New York gun laws to today’s work looking at school safety and providing meaningful Red Flag training for educators, Gov. Hochul is standing with educators and parents to protect our children.”

Hampton Bays School District Superintendent Lars Clemensen said, “School safety continues to be the top priority of school leaders. Tools like Alyssa’s Law, ERPO, gun safety measures, partnerships with law enforcement and resources for mental health are all part of a Blueprint for School Safety that allows districts to plan, adapt and build safe school communities. Thank you to Governor Hochul and the legislature for their passionate focus on this important issue.”

New York State United Teachers President Andy Pallotta said, “A safe, secure, welcoming learning environment is paramount for our students, the staff who work with them and the families who rely on our public school system. It’s common sense to ensure school safety teams are reviewing all the tools at their disposal that can help speed up the emergency response in the event of a crisis. Governor Hochul and the Legislature have shown real leadership in response to Buffalo, Uvalde and the collective trauma school communities across this state have dealt with and we applaud their action here.”

Executive Director of the New York State Council of School Superintendents Charles Dedrick said, “The recent tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde have highlighted an ever present concern for school superintendents: can we ensure for our communities — and ourselves — that we are doing everything possible every day to keep our students and employees safe? We need partners from state government and law enforcement and look forward to working together to inform school district leaders about how new state laws can help us to achieve that goal.”

New York State PTA President Dana Platin said, “During these troubling times, New York’s laser light focus on keeping our children and educators safe in schools is welcoming and right. We applaud Governor Hochul and the sponsors of this critical legislation for standing by our children and our youth – and know they have a partner in NYS PTA.”

New York State School Boards Association Executive Director Robert Schneider said, “We recognize that panic alarm systems can play an important role in a school district’s safety protocols. We appreciate efforts by the Governor and the Legislature to ensure that districts have the power to consider the potential value of such systems and to decide whether installation of panic alarms would be an appropriate safety precaution for their schools.”

Executive Director of the School Administrators Association of New York Kevin Casey said, “Passage of Alyssa’s Law demonstrates how New York has taken the lead in response to the nationwide plea of school principals to ‘do something – do anything’ to protect students and educators. When the Governor signs this bill, educators and law enforcement officers will have one more tool to address an active shooter or violent situation in our schools. The School Administrators Association of New York State appreciates the leadership that Governor Hochul has demonstrated and continues to support even stronger actions to protect New York schools. All students need to feel safe in our schools and educators must have the necessary tools to protect our children.”

Executive Director Rural Schools Association David Little, Esq. said, “The Rural Schools Association is pleased to support increased efforts to bolster the safety of students and staff. Tragically, the school shooting phenomenon has not been slowed by current practices. Faster notification of police and emergency personnel can only save lives and we urge the prompt implementation of this additional measure. We are also pleased to work with state leaders to increase awareness of new practices and policies intended to provide additional protection for those in a school setting. RSA applauds the Governor for addressing this crisis.”

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