Greece NY kidnapping suspects accused of plot to murder judge | #childabductors

Two men charged in the violent abduction of a pair of toddlers in Greece in January have now been charged with plotting to kill a family court judge.

A grand jury handed up an indictment Friday charging Dimitri Cash and Joenathan Cash with conspiring to murder Monroe County Family Court Judge Stacey Romeo.

According to court papers, Dimitri Cash conducted “background searches and a background investigation” of Judge Romeo. 

Joenathan Cash is alleged to have conducted surveillance at the judge’s residence last November, recording observations on his cell phone. 

He also allegedly surveilled the judge to learn about which vehicle she drove to work and where she parked.

Stacey Romeo

In December, Dimitri Cash is alleged to have made online searches about purchasing uniforms worn by FedEx or US Postal Service delivery drivers.   

Clark Zimmermann, an attorney for Dimitri Cash, said the allegations do not point to a plot to commit a murder and there could be “innocent explanations” for them. He said he was surprised with the new criminal charge.

“The allegations are extremely serious so it took us a little off-guard,” he said.

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