Growing Up Isn’t As Bad As It Seems

I think most adults tend to look back on the “good old days” with fondness and nostalgia. We miss the lives we used to lead, before our priorities changed. It’s easy to forget about the trials we had, when we are busy remembering how fun and careless we were. Growing up may seem completely boring at times, but it’s important to remember that it’s not always a bad thing. In fact, if you look on the positive side, growing older is an amazing gift that isn’t granted to everyone.

Your Money Problems Aren’t Quite As Bad

Sure, there are still times when money is tight and I have to reel in my spending a bit, but I rest easy knowing I am leaps and bounds from where I was in my early twenties. It was only five years ago, but it feels like forever ago when I blew my money on gas and cigarettes without a worry in the world. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I always wound up running to my mom with my tail between my legs asking for help. I thank God all the time that I wised up, and learned how to manage my money better so that I don’t have as many money issues as I did in my younger days.

You Make Better Decisions

I know we will all continue to make mistakes throughout our lives, no matter how old we are, but I’d like to believe most of my stupid choices are in my past. I can’t be the only one who looks back at decisions I made while wondering what the heck I was thinking. Growing up usually means more responsibilities like bills, careers, and families. Although we are human and will continue to make mistakes, they likely won’t be as reckless as our old mistakes. When you go through your midlife crisis and buy yourself a new toy, hopefully you won’t be careless because boats and motorcycles can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

You Realize What You Are Meant For

Regardless of whether or not you are religious, I think most people believe they are here for a reason. Many people believe they have a calling or specific mission to accomplish during their lifetime. Most of these reasons emerge when you are becoming an adult. You learn where your true passions lie, and you find a way to incorporate that into the rest of your life. If you realize that you love working with children, you can find a way to make that into a career. Some people grow up to find out that they can turn their hobbies into careers, and end up doing what they love for the rest of their lives.

You Learn The True Meaning Of Love, And How To Be Selfless

This can’t be said about everyone, but it applies for most of us. When I was growing up, I was incredibly selfish. If things didn’t go my way I would throw a fit until I got my way. I didn’t know how to put others needs ahead of my own, until I had my son. The day my son was born, a “new me” was born as well. I have learned how to truly love another person unconditionally, and it’s very humbling. These things make life worth the ride, and I think most parents can agree.

Sure, some of our true glory days will remain in the past, but that doesn’t mean growing up has to be as bad as some people make it out to be. The good part is that every day has the power to be as good as we choose it to be– it all depends on our attitudes. Make the most out of your life, and use the hard times as learning moments to make for an even better future.

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