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Crime-scene tape after a fatal shooting in Albuquerque, N.M., Dec. 30, 2021.


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In “The Boiling Over of America” (Declarations, June 11),

Peggy Noonan

calls for a strange solution to the mass shootings in America: a ban on weapons for 18-year-olds. Unlike drinking or smoking, the right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Constitution. It is not a privilege granted by government, but an inalienable right that all adult citizens should be allowed to enjoy. If a person is old enough to die for his country and its Constitution, he should be old enough to enjoy all of the rights.

Sean Harrison

Fort Collins, Colo.

Ms. Noonan writes that more minority voters than college-educated white voters backed the

Chesa Boudin

recall “because they suffer more and have fewer protections when crime spikes and homeless encampments seize new ground.” I disagree. It’s that far fewer minority voters have been subjected to the woke indoctrination that “college-educated white” voters experience from professors and peers.

Steven Towbin

Lake Forest, Ill.

In lamenting the failings of progressive politicians, Ms. Noonan brings to mind the saying: In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

Jeff Fulmer

Saint Augustine, Fla.

Ms. Noonan’s description of the bare minimum that voters desire—“We wish to be allowed to walk the streets unmolested and with confidence”—should be enshrined in every city hall, right next to “fix the potholes.”

Jon Johannessen

Venice, Calif.

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Appeared in the June 18, 2022, print edition as ‘Guns, Progressives and the Freedom From Fear.’

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