Hagley Catholic High School student ‘beaten up after Snapchat row’ with fellow pupil | #students | #parents

A schoolboy from Worcestershire was allegedly beaten up on a train after removing a fellow pupil from Snapchat and Whatsapp groups.

The pupil at Hagley Catholic High School claims he was attacked while making his way home on Thursday (November 19).

His mum says he was set upon by a fellow pupil angered about being ‘deleted from WhatsApp and Snapchat groups’.

The alleged attack took place on Hagley to Kidderminster train after the schoolboy had deleted a fellow pupil over ‘racist and sexist messages’.

The boy’s mum said: “A boy came over and said ‘you deleted me on Snapchat and WhatsApp’.  My son responded and said, ‘You were being sexist and racist’.

The attack is said to have taken place on a train from Hagley to Kidderminster

“He then got punched in the face. He kept punching my son – he counted seven punches.

“A lady then shouted ‘stop, leave him alone’.

“The boy walked away but then went to kick my son in the face. He’s moved his head and hit it against the train window and then ended up been kicked in the chest. He was he couldn’t get up.”

The alleged attack only stopped when a Good Samaritan intervened.

The mum continued: “My son has a really strong moral compass. That’s how we have taught him. My son stood up for what he believed in.”

She had posted details about the incident on Facebook and received messages of support from parents and others.

She said Hagley Catholic High School had contacted her on Friday morning and said the assistant principal will be in touch.

The mum added: “It was only because of this lady that my son wasn’t hurt more. He was still trying to get him. I’d like to thank her in person’.

“I don’t want to criminalise the other boy but I want him dealt with so that he appreciates what he’s done and my son did nothing wrong.”

James Hodgson, principal at Hagley Catholic High School said: “The school is unable to provide comments on incidents which relate to individual pupils.

“However, it takes the safety and wellbeing of all its pupils extremely seriously and always endeavours to reach an appropriate and prompt resolution as and when any issues arise.”

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