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Haji Mohamed Dawjee on her new book, Serena Williams, adoption and parenting | #parenting

Refilwe speaks to Haji Mohamed Dawjee, about her new book, `Here’s The Thing`.

  • Dawjee launched her first book in 2018
  • The book covers various topics from parenting to losing loved ones

Haji Mohamed Dawjee. Picture: Supplied

Author Haji Mohamed Dawjee has graced us with her new book Here’s The Thing. This comes after the release of her first book Sorry, Not Sorry: Experiences of a brown woman in a white South Africa in 2018.

Her book includes the loss of loved ones and becoming a parent for the first time.

I was just in a different place in my life at the time. I think Sorry, Not Sorry was necessary at the time. I stand by the things I wrote in Sorry, Not Sorry, but I also grew up in my thinking since writing that book.
Haji Mohamed Dawjee – Author

In the book, Dawjee touches on parenting, being an investigative journalist and what it means to be human.

Dawjee also has a great passion for Serena Williams. She even thanked her in her acknowledgement section of the book.

I live in hope that one day she and I will be very good friends or that she will adopt me. You know, if she sees the acknowledgment then it’ll be a foot in the door.
Haji Mohamed Dawjee – Author

Dawjee also speaks on adopting a child and how traumatic it is being a brand new parent.

Scroll up and take a listen to the audio clip above.

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