Hardin County Board of Education plans to discuss reopening all schools – The Courier | #Education

The Hardin County Board of Education plans to discuss reopening all schools when it reconvenes its regular September meeting today (Thursday, Sept. 24) at 5:30 p.m. at the administration office on Guinn Street. The public can attend.
Hardin County Director of Schools Michael Davis said in an interview Saturday that regular full-time attendance for students who have opted for regular attendance instead of distance learning might resume as soon as Monday after fall break, Oct. 5-9.
“With the hybrid schedule, I really just worry about our students, and what they’re losing by not having direct, in-person access to their teachers on a daily basis. It’s not good for them, and I know a lot of parents have been struggling trying to work and then come home and do double duty as a teacher. It’s been really, really hard on a lot of families,” Davis said.
He continued, “Since we went to they hybrid schedule, we have not had any more students having to quarantine due to direct contact with a COVID case in school. We’re also about to end our first nine-week grading period, and this year’s first report cards are about to be issued and sent home. It’s not a done deal, but with all that in mind, I think after the break would be a good time to try to go back to regular attendance in full, for all students except those who’ve opted for distance learning.”
Davis said before the final decision is made regarding the exact date to resume full-time attendance, he plans to discuss the matter with school principals and the local public health department.
Those discussions were planned for Monday and Tuesday of this week, and, armed with the information gained from those discussions, he will meet with the board tonight to inform them of the reopening plan.
Davis said he will publicly announce the final decision, including the specific date for resuming full-time attendance, as well as policies and procedures for safety measures regarding COVID-19, as soon as he is confident that the school board, school principals and the local public health department feel comfortable with the plan.

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