Havikoro vs Stranger Danger – Finals | KING OF HEARTS | STRIFE.

Final battle at King of Hearts 2014 in Denver, Colorado by Dance2Live. Sponsored by Silverback Bboy Events. Winner: Havikoro Like us on Facebook! www.faceboo…


25 thoughts on “Havikoro vs Stranger Danger – Finals | KING OF HEARTS | STRIFE.

  1. Jordan Hawker

    Great creativity, the set at 4:57 was so dope and that trick starting
    around 9:04? DAMN. That’s how you win a battle.

  2. thehousedanceproject

    Epic battle! I’ve never seen a record smile so wide. Full multidimensional
    creativity while keeping to the roots of the game. Dope

  3. Jordan Hawker

    *Havikoro vs Stranger Danger – King of Hearts FINALS*

    Great battle brought to us by +Strife.tv! Who do you think won?

    +Paul Spoerry, these guys aren’t quite world-class bboys, but there was a
    lot of creativity in their forms that I really enjoyed!

    #Dance #Dancergy #HipHopDance 

  4. Donald6382

    Hk was fire like usual! The music was too damn dope!!!!

    ANyone know the names of the tracks thrown? Especially the 1st one?

  5. trickeynoncrew

    Moy looking nastier than ever dayumm,and that was funny when the guy called
    a bite on the flare over top and moys like thats us haha

  6. ChadO Harris

    Off the rip, this is real bboyin, this ain’t the hyped up for the movies
    shit, this here was Funk, Hip-hop, originality, streets, F’n sweat off the
    balls RAW! Rewind: “I don’t need to do power, NIGGA” -JOEL HK #LOL
    #LoveitMANE #HTOWN is #HK #worldwide 

  7. Victor .Suicide Ly

    9:07, c’mon, that’s a Gamblerz classic. You can’t just use it, haha. Zeshen
    and Vic was making a killing, though.