Hawkeye father and son fight to save swimming at Iowa, as seen on The Steele Report | #students | #parents

IOWA CITY(KWWL)-Cedar Falls High school Hall-of-Famer Matt Purdy bled Black and Gold long before the legendary Hayden Fry recruited him to play football for the Hawkeyes nearly 3 DECADES ago..

MATT PURDY ” Hayden Fry and Bobby Elliott walking into my house in Cedar Falls and I can Rember them walking in and Hayden Fry walking in his black Ostrich skin boots–Bobby Elliott was one of the greatest human beings you ever met in your life–he recruited me and made me love Iowa ”

Purdy spent four years playing and fighting for Iowa…and his eternal love for the Hawkeyes was passed down to his son Ryan….an outstanding swimmer–

Ryan Purdy became a Hawkeye Swimmer and had an outstanding freshman season.

However when he return to campus to begin his sophmore year 2 weeks ago–it abrubty ended .

Ryan Purdy “No Warning, Nobody saw it coming at all.”

In a brief meeting with Iowa Athletic Department leaders—100 student athletes in four sports were informed their Hawkeye careers were over.

Ryan Purdy “They showed no remorse for any of us to be completely honest with you–it was disheatening to see so little care about us at that point.” ”

IOWA will honor the scholarships of all the student athletes who saw their programs cut but the Purdys say it is not enough.

Matt Purdy ” Knowing my son and these 100 plus athletes are going thru this–I think about the mission statement the University of Iowa has on their twitter page–talks about winning–all four of these programs have a winning history ”

Ryan Purdy ” Right now, kids are sad kids are angry…yes we want answers. We want to have the respect of a top 20 program you know that has come so far in this University. We want Gary Barta to sit down and listen to what we have to say to him.”

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