He Is Legend “Stranger Danger” It Hates You

He Is Legend new cd Track 6 “Stranger Danger” It Hates You.


25 thoughts on “He Is Legend “Stranger Danger” It Hates You

  1. skarevcon

    Hey if you listen, this song kinda sounds like aKing…. if they were on
    steroids. Those guys should listen here and see some missions to play
    around with their sound

  2. metalguitarplayer1

    Metallica didn’t steal shit, you can credit mustaine with writing some of
    those riffs and could say metallica stole soem riffs and/or songs but
    overall they’re two different animals.

  3. Brando Sup'

    word duder im trrying to get the full cd but i only got 5 or 6 songs but
    when i get the rest i will surely put it up keep checkin back or subscribe
    or whatever..

  4. drunkhobo101

    i like I Am Hollywood the best this to me seems like kinda a hybrid between
    that and suck out the poison

  5. mouthofknives

    can’t get get over how much they sound(at 1st) like Metallica. i never
    cared much for them,but i love HE IS LEGEND!

  6. MLIsniper

    gahh.. favorite band ever.. favorite song ever too lol. man its been
    forever since i heard this song though. i first heard it a while ago when
    they had it up as a teaser along with decisions,decisions,decisions. and
    they took it down i was like nOOOOO!! dude. you are easily awesome for
    posting this lol.

  7. sauron610

    This is not for your eyes to see So would you pelase stop staring at me I
    think you’d better find a way out of here Cause I don;t think you’ll like
    what I’ve become I love these lyrics