Help for students after rape sentence

A student was Otfinowski’s first victim, raped in the street after he followed her home following a night out.

Otfinowski also broke into student accommodation in a bid to commit more sex offences, but luckily all the bedroom doors had been locked.

Lancaster University Students’ Union Vice President Education Joe O’Neill said: “Working in partnership with Lancaster University, LUSU offers a wide range of support and advice on personal safety to our members, including arranging for new students to receive a personal safety talk from the campus police officer.

“However, the main focus of our work is in raising awareness of issues of sexual consent and spreading the message that victims of sexual assault are never to blame for the crimes committed against them.

“We believe that 100% of the responsibility for any acts of these nature lies solely with the perpetrator. It can never be justified, it can never be explained away and there is no context in which it is valid, understandable or acceptable.

“Lancaster University is a safe and supportive community in which to work and study and will not tolerate harassment of anybody.

“We would encourage students and staff to report any incidents immediately to the university or the police.

“We would hope that our college system, which provides students with pastoral tutors, would also help reassure, advise and support.”

Lancaster University also has a PCSO and Police officer , PCSO Andy Garner and PC Ben Rooke. The officers offer advice on everything from bike coding to personal safety on and off campus.