Here’s A Series That Will Open Up Conversations on Parenting | #parenting

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) Too bad there’s no BA in Parenting or an elective in “Raising New Humans” back in school — these would have saved a lot of time of second-guessing for first-time moms and dads. It is so easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of things when they are just “winging” it in parenting. This could affect not only their child but their well-being and personal relationships as well.

The good news is all these parenting problems are experienced by almost everyone. What new moms and dads all need are familiar faces to sympathize with them and to break taboos so we can all open up conversations about parenting.

Parenting club Wyeth Nutrition parenTeam brings onboard Solenn and Nico, AKA the Bolzicos, AKA the ParentZillas to get down and dirty to talk about things a parent never thought to bring up, ask the questions he or she’s been too shy to ask and talk about the realities that parents face – real parenting, with real parents. They may be celebrities but the Bolzicos only became parents themselves recently and are in the same shoes of first-time parents.

Under the parenTeam RealTalks banner, Solenn and Nico will appear in short videos that capture their raw and funny moments as parents. These clips show that they too, need advice from parents like them, segueing viewers to join RealTalks.

RealTalks is a series of online episodes about the joys and struggles of parenting. Each episode will feature an expert to discuss the topic.

Speakers: Solenn and Nico Bolzico

Solenn reads out common motherhood myths with Nico, then they both discuss their thoughts about these myths, based on what they have learned so far as new parents.

Expect Solenn to be real about her experiences as a new mom, and Nico as a new dad, and how these have challenged them. Solenn will also share that as a new mom, everyone is a work-in-progress and they get to learn along the way.

Expert: Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy

Learn tips and tricks on keeping the love alive once a couple becomes parents:

– Setting a regular date night

– Spicing things up in the bedroom

– Having a social life outside parenthood

Let’s break the myth that having a kid marks the end of a romance-filled relationship.

Episode: Postpartum Mental Health

Speaker: Isabelle Daza

Learn insights from this real discussion on postpartum depression. This episode discusses the day-to-day reality for many stay-at-home moms: balancing the vast task of raising children, and running a household, while simultaneously fending off comments about how it “must be so nice and relaxing” to not have to go to work. Let’s break the myth that stay-at-home moms have it easy.

Episode: Mindful Parenting

Expert: Dr. Honey Carandang

As a clinical psychologist and National Social Scientist Founder of MLAC (Mindfulness, Love and Compassion) Institute for Psycho-social Services, Carandang shares with parents some tips to improve their dynamics as a couple. Learn ways to improve your relationship with your kids through the MLAC approach using principles of psychology for the well-being of the family.

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