Here’s what to know about wooden toys for children | Parenting | #parenting

3 wooden toy recommendations:

Types of wooden toys

Wooden toys come in all shapes, sizes and themes. To purchase something that engages your child, pick something they like. To help you out, we’ve broken down the many types of wooden toys into just six broad categories to make it easier for you to find one for your child.

Baby toys: Any toy that’s safe for babies and toddlers fits in this category. These toys are typically designed to help with your child’s development in a number of ways.

Puzzles: Puzzles include any wooden toy that requires solving. These can be simple or complex puzzles. They help develop problem-solving skills and, in many instances, shape-recognition skills.

Vehicles and figures: Whether it’s a somewhat realistic-looking train or a fanciful elephant on wheels, the wooden toys in this category promote imaginative play.

Blocks: Creating something out of a pile of random shapes is an excellent way to help foster your child’s creativity.

Playsets: A life-size playset (for a child, at least) such as a kitchen, a grocery store or a workbench is the perfect way to gently slip real-life skills into play time.

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