Here’s Why Fans Are So Torn About Eva Mendes’ Parenting Style | #parenting

Fans are torn about Eva Mendes’ parenting style for one specific reason.

When it comes to #couplegoals, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are basically everything. They share an insane net worth, are amazingly talented actors, and are super private about their partnership and family. Neither has entirely stepped out of the spotlight, but their family is clearly a priority for the gorgeous pair.

Fans have always loved hearing about celebrities’ adventures in parenting — especially when their kids aren’t total angels all the time. There’s nothing more relatable than a celebrity mom or dad who’s had to deal with a tantrum or a diaper explosion (and subsequently shares on social media).

But there’s one thing that fans aren’t quite sure about when it comes to Eva Mendes’ (and Ryan Gosling’s) parenting practices: spanking.

Does Eva Mendes Spank Her Kids With Ryan Gosling?

The big question is, does Eva spank her kids? Is that why fans are up in arms? Not exactly.

In fact, Eva Mendes advocates against spanking, and fans aren’t quite sure what to make of it. After all, most adults who are parents of younger kids now were spanked during their own childhoods.

For a lot of adults, spanking seems like a natural disciplinary method, if for no other reason than that’s how they were raised.

But Eva posted a very telling message on Instagram when she said, “Spanking does for a child’s development what hitting a spouse does for a marriage.” In other words, the pair clearly doesn’t spank their two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, and disagrees with the practice altogether.

How Does Eva Mendes Feel About Spanking Kids?

Eva didn’t just post her advice and go, though. She stuck around as fans shared their thoughts and even disagreements with her “favorite parenting quote,” which came in the form of a graphic from

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Tons of comments (at least, the highest-rated ones) reflected support for Mendes’ peaceful message. One poster noted, “slipping the wisdom in w grace,” while another said “Agreed. Hard for adults to teach kids not to hit when adults are allowed circumstances in which they can hit kids.”

Some fans disagreed, however, saying they were spanked and turned out fine. And while Eva was graceful in her responses — agreeing to disagree — it’s clear that she believes the body of research that suggests spanking is harmful and even causes irreparable damage to children’s brains (plus their mental health overall).

Not all of her followers agree, but it is hard to argue that hitting children to make them behave is an acceptable parenting method when so many peaceful alternatives are available.

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