Hernando #mother #arrested after #toddler #wandered into #traffic

SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) – A 4-year-old boy, found wandering along a busy Hernando County road, is safe thanks to a driver who stopped and moved him out of the way.

People who travel along Mariner Boulevard know the road can be like a race course. It’s no place for a 4-year-old to be out all by himself.

Wednesday afternoon, a driver almost hit the boy near Mariner and Grapewood road.

Hernando deputies and the driver tried to find the boy’s parents.

Arrest paperwork says the boy was no help, but the deputy spotted an open door on Grapewood Road, and located his mom, Amber Ford, who claimed she was sleeping.

We stopped by to see if she had an explanation.

Ford wouldn’t come to the door, even though we later spotted her leaving the home.

A roommate didn’t want to address the topic.

“That’s not something I’d really be comfortable talking about,” he said.

Neighbors are baffled a parent could allow a toddler to get out of his home and make it into traffic.

“That’s very dangerous. It’s a very busy road and that would definitely be of concern to me,” said Rick Stahl.

Deputies wrote Ford thought the boy’s grandmother was watching the child.

Inside, they noticed Ford trying to hide a marijuana cigarette and spotted a grinder with pot residue on it.

“What kind of parent are you?” asked Chamonic Howell.

Parents of young children know you have to watch your kids at all times.

“Anything could have happened. Ya know, he could have walked across in the middle of the road, ya know, it could have been very bad,” said Howell.

“If you put yourself in a situation where you’re doing stuff to where you just forget about your kid, I mean, that’s pretty bad,” said Brain Blanford.

Arrest paperwork shows Ford admitted to smoking marijuana the night before.

She’s out on bond for the pot and child neglect charges.