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High School Football COVID cancellations

The high school football season is on thin ice for several teams on the Gulf Coast due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The high school football season- is on thin ice for several team- on- the gulf coast… due to the- corona-virus pandemic.- according to a release… – gulfport is the latest team – affected by covid-19… citing- two players testing positive…- as well as a coach.

– as a result… the admirals are- in quarantine for the next two- weeks… effectively canceling- friday’s home – game against west harrison… – and their october 9th – road game at hancock.

– gulfport joins hancock and long- beach… as the local teams – having to forfeit this week.- here’s athletic director bryan- caldwell… on the current- state of gulfport high school – football.

– – “i think the easiest thing to d- would be- to just send home kids who have- tested positive and are sick, – and roll the dice and – – – – then roll the dice with the res- of your program.

But that’s jus- irresponsible in- our opinion, and that’s what- leads to an outbreak.

And we- don’t want to be- responsible for that, so we’re- going to err on the side of – caution.

And look, it’s painful- to- – – – have to forfeit two ball games.- i am not at all surprised that- this has happened.

It’s – happened to long beach, biloxi,- hancock, other schools, and we- just- knew that this was a distinct – possibility.

And here we are.”- – – – gulfport and hancock both have- to forfeit their october- 9th game, against one another..- so the winner and loser, in thi- scenario… has yet to be – determined, by

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