High School Leavers Are Calling Schoolies Overrated As They Take To Social Media To Complain | #socialmedia | #children

But teens have been taking to social media to complain about Schoolies after it didn’t live up to the hype.

About 20,000 leavers spent week one of Schoolies at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, with the second week kicking off on Saturday.

One teen posted on TikTok about why she hadn’t been sharing her time at Schoolies, saying it was “overrated”.

“Hey guys, so someone asked me why I haven’t posted for schoolies. Because Schoolies is so dumb, it is so overrated,” the teen said.

“What the hell is this?” she says as she turns the camera across the organised beach party.

The comment section quickly filled with people agreeing with her.
Another video on TikTok show two girls who left two days early, while others took to Facebook to complain about the exorbitant costs.

“Deffo not worth the $1700 I spent”, a post said on a Schoolies group page.

Meanwhile police have been warning the incoming NSW high school leavers who are heading north for week two.

Tweed/Byron Police District Commander, Superintendent David Roptell, told the teen to “party safely” and look out for their mates.

“Schoolies should be about enjoying yourself without regret – it’s not about overindulging, but rather about making good decisions and having fun safely with friends,” he said.

“Plan ahead, talk to your friends and family about where you are going, and celebrate safely – the last thing you want is to mark the end of your school life with the loss of a life or serious injury.”

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