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CONCORD, NH — A Hillsboro man is facing nine charges in Concord, including three felonies, after incidents at a bank as well as several more charges in communities in southern and central New Hampshire.

On May 21, police in Concord received a case packet from an officer in Hillsboro involving multiple forgeries from both communities in January and February. The suspect in the case was Garrett White, 36, with a last known address of Farley Road in Hillsboro.

The officer in Hillsboro said a resident accused White of stealing business checks which later led to eight of them being forged for more than $1,982.

“All of the checks were made out to Garrett White,” she said.

Three of the checks were cashed at the Bar Harbor Bank on Loudon Road, according to an affidavit. The Hillsboro officer said she went to the bank, viewed footage of the transactions, and “observed White on surveillance video and she is familiar with White from many past contacts,” the report said.

The Concord officer assigned to the case looked at the evidence, including signatures which were different on the checks that were alleged to have been forged when compared to the victim’s signature. The officer also matched the video footage to booking photos of White.

A warrant was issued for his arrest June 12 and White was picked up July 24. He was arraigned July 28 and is due back in Merrimack County Superior Court Oct. 5.

Five other forgery charges were also filed in Hillsborough County Superior Court North based on incidents in Hillsboro.

Tased In Henniker After A Chase

White, according to court documents, was also involved in an incident in Henniker on April 18.

An officer reported seeing him at the All In One Market pumping gas into a Lincoln pickup truck. The officer knew White had suspended driving privileges and double-checked with dispatch, which confirmed that not only was he suspended, the registration on the truck was, too, an affidavit stated.

The officer went back to the market a short time later and found the pickup truck behind the store. He then removed the plates from the vehicle and cleared the area, the report said.

About three hours later, the officer returned to the store, saw the pickup truck driving south on Weare Road, and attempted to pull it over.

“As I did so,” the officer said, “I noted that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. I was traveling at approximately 85 miles per hour and noted that the vehicle was still pulling away from me.”

The officer radioed dispatch for backup as the truck turned onto Flanders Road and continued to drive anywhere from 70 to 80 mph. The officer lost sight of the truck but after searching the area, found it on Craney Pond Road with a man standing near it.

“I recognized the male as White,” the officer wrote.

The report accused White of “running toward the wood line,” with a knife in hand, and refusing to stop. After jumping over a tree, repeated requests to stop, and a Taser warning, “White turned toward me and stopped running,” the officer wrote.

The affidavit reported that White stuck the knife into a tree but wouldn’t show his hands. He said he cut himself, the report indicated, but “kept reaching at his waistline and wouldn’t raise his hands.”

After five commands to stop, White was Tased by the officer and fell to the ground — but “was still reaching at his waistline.” After more commands to show his hands but being accused of refusing, White was Tased again. This time, White put his hands out, the officer said.

Other officers arrived, and White was handcuffed and checked for weapons. Another knife was found as were several empty needles and one with brown liquid inside of it, the report said. Officers also accused White of leaving a paper wrapper on the ground near the truck that had brown powder in it.

After being questioned by police, White was charged with possession of a controlled-narcotic drug, driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, driving after revocation, misuse or failure to display plates, reckless operation, and disobeying an officer.

DUI, Drugs, Thefts, And More In 2019

White was involved in several cases in 2019.

On Nov. 19, 2019, a detective sergeant in Henniker took a complaint from a man about power tools and a trailer missing from a property on Weare Road where he was working. The trailer, which held wood, was there the day before. Three days before that, the victim said, he noticed a green storage case with tools in it was also missing.

Ten days later, an officer and sergeant in Deering arrested White at a camp on Quaker Road on a willful concealment warrant from an incident at a gas station. While on the property, the sergeant saw a generator that looked like one stolen nine days before, according to an affidavit. The Deering officer took photos of the generator and its serial number and later, confirmed it was one reported stolen, the report stated.

During an interview about the missing trailer and other items, “Garrett advised he could get it back and explained he used his truck to tow it away from the residence,” the sergeant wrote. Police found the trailer in Bennington and returned it to its owner.

White was then charged by Deering police with felony receiving stolen property-$1,501+ and theft by unauthorized taking-less than $1,000.

While trying to determine his bail, the sergeant wrote in an affidavit that White claimed to be heading into rehab in Boscawen in January. A call to the facility though led to the detective finding out the statement was false, the report said.

“This facility has never spoken with Garrett,” the detective wrote.

On Dec. 6, 2019, a Dunbarton officer was sent to a home for a report of a man running off into the woods after making comments that worried a woman, according to a report.

Police called in a New Hampshire State Police K-9 unit to assist and around an hour later, the subject, White, was found near Concord Stage Road by state police.

The trooper handed White over to the Dunbarton officer and accused him of being in possession of a baggy with a powdery substance believed to be heroin or fentanyl. The amount, as measured by the trooper, was 5.3 grams.

White was mirandized, questioned, and accused of admitting the drug was fentanyl he bought in Lawrence, Massachusetts. After being arrested and put in a cruiser, White began swearing and yelling about the woman who called police on him when he had so much drugs in his possession, an affidavit stated.

The officer noted in his report of White’s previous drug history which included an arrest for possession and transportation in August 2003, and conviction in March 2005; a drug possession conviction in November 2006; a misdemeanor conviction in December 2007; a narcotics arrest in March 2017; and a conviction in November 2017.

White was processed and later, released.

The next day, at the Interstate 93 northbound rest area in Salem, an officer checking a pickup truck “partially parked in a snowbank and partially blocking the roadway” found White “unconscious” with his head against a window, according to an affidavit.

After waking him up, the officer questioned White, who denied drinking, but the officer noticed “a track mark” on his hand and “whitish powder residue on the center console” that appeared to be fentanyl. After requesting he step out of the vehicle, the officer reported seeing a capped needle on the seat where White was sitting. The officer accused White in the report of admitting to shooting up three hours before.

After a field sobriety test, White was arrested on possession of fentanyl, driving under the influence, and transport drugs in a motor vehicle. A search warrant led to the discovery of drug paraphernalia and a white bag with residue, the report said.

White was also arrested on Dec. 13, 2019, in Dunbarton on a breach of bail charge. Other active cases include burglary in Hillsboro from May 2019; felony theft and criminal mischief cases in Weare from October 2019; and theft cases, including a stolen firearm, out of Hillsboro from November 2019.

Editor’s note: This post was derived from information supplied by the Concord Police Department and superior courts in the state and does not indicate a conviction. This link explains the removal request process for New Hampshire Patch police reports.

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