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HOBOKEN, NJ – In the fight against the spread of Coronavirus, information is key. Here in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has said that, “robust and comprehensive contact tracing is essential,” to New Jersey’s efforts to recover from the health and economic crisis brought on by COVID-19.

Answering the call for innovative ways to implement contact tracing initiatives—while still maintaining privacy standards—Hoboken-based Volan Technology has answers to questions about how we move forward as a society in the pandemic era.

“Volan uses wireless Bluetooth networking technology and AI-powered wearable fobs to do micro-location positioning of people in schools, hotels and large enterprises,” says Michael Bettua, Volan Technology CEO. 

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Retooling the company’s existing technology, Bettua feels Volan can contribute to the cause of containing the virus by monitoring those who are exposed to the infection in a controlled environment.

“The Volan system also gives clients the ability to do private contact tracing across hundreds of people in seconds and creates a ranked list of those people most exposed to a virus using a patented risk-scoring system,” says Bettua.

With concerns over reopening schools at a fever pitch, Bettua explains, “In the event of a viral outbreak, a school can run an immediate and accurate contact tracing report that will show which members of the school community are at the highest risk of infection based on the location, duration and proximity to the infected individual.”  He adds, “the location positioning features of the Volan system can automate tasks such as attendance taking as well as help enforce social distancing guidelines and room capacity limits.”

Businesses, bars and restaurants face the same risk of exposure, and can make use of Volan Technology to accurately determine who has been in contact with anyone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus.

“There is no difference between a small business office setting and a major corporation when it comes to the need for virus mitigation and contact tracing. Any sized business needs to be able to run contact tracing reports on their community in the case of a viral outbreak,” says Bettua. “The Volan system provides an immediate trace over a desired period to see which employees were at the highest risk of exposure and ranks the employees. This allows the company to contact those most exposed first to inform them, so they can get tested and self-quarantine immediately.”

Privacy is a significant concern in this country. Volan Technology, a member of the Student Privacy Data Consortium, claims it has taken steps to protect the privacy of employees, students or faculty utilizing their systems. Volan does not collect or have access to any individual data.  The client is provided random node ID numbers which they assign to students/faculty/employees on an encrypted IOS app that only administrators have access to. The enduser creates the password for the app and Volan has no access to this information, as it is created, stored and accessed locally.

Furthermore, Volan is a Bluetooth system—it does not run via GPS or Wi-Fi.  Once a person leaves the range of the client’s premises (range is set by enduser), the fobs become inactive and location positioning is disabled. If a fob is lost, there is no information on the fob except for a node ID number, which has no value outside the system.

“Virus mitigation is going to be part of the new norm in the post-COVID-19 world,” says Bettua. “It will become as central to security planning as passing through metal detectors at sporting events/concerts or taking shoes off at an airport security line. Going forward, schools, universities, offices and other institutions will have to institute virus mitigation protocols to protect against viral spread. The cost of the Volan system is about $0.16 a student per day and $0.34 for an office employee per day.”

To learn more about Volan Technology, visit https://www.volantechnology.com/.

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