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After the very last Christian left Mosul, Iraq last month, the world seemed to turn a blind eye to the cruelty and slaughter by ISIS Islamists. Now, with another mass exodus, the world is simply calling it the “Second Wave” of displacement of Christians by ISIS.

Christians are pleading with the US and the world for help, sending out testimonies and asking American government to intervene.

ISIS recently advanced into the Kurdish region of Iraq, taking over Qaraqosh, a town with a large Christian population, the same as they ravaged Mosul. Christians were given an ultimatum: leave, convert to Islam, or die.

“ISIS detained dozens of families at the airport in Tal Afar, Turkmen, Yazidi and Christians after killing all the men,” eyewitness Alkhozai told Awsat News.

Agence France-Presse also confirmed that “ISIS took women and girls who are being held inside Sinjar and also deported a number of women with their families at the airport in Tal Afar after the killing of the men. The fate of each of these women is unknown.”

We now know the plan ISIS has for these women.

After slaying thousands, Muslim insurgents captured the remaining women, in hopes of creating a market for female slaves. ISIS successfully established a public marketplace, displaying their captives for auction.

Witnesses reported that, of the 500 Christian women abducted from Mosul alone, the ones who were deemed attractive were taken to ISIS princes to be their personal sex slaves.

Shoebat.com translated a statement from Red Crescent spokesman Mohammad Khuzai:

“Elements of ISIS kidnapped women from the Yezidis and Christian as Sabaya (war booty slaves), and subjected them to be sold.”

Still, over 100,000 Christians have fled ISIS-controlled zones, heading for northern Iraq. They are hoping word of their suffering will reach U.S. President Barack Obama:


The heart wrenching testimonies are sent to the United States.

At 2:06 into the video the interviewer asks “Are you praying?”

“Yes we prayed in the Church as soon as we arrived to Ein Kawa”.

She couldn’t talk since she was chocked [sic] avoiding to cry.

“They posted their banners on our churches and they removed all the crosses” another Christian testifies (See 2:29)

“This is the greatest insult to Christendom and it is happening and no one does anything” (2:57) one Christian pleads, yet another said that “America is the master of all nations, as it entered Iraq, its has responsibility to defend its Christians”. (3:00)