How can educators prevent a school shooting?

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) – With an open carry law passed in Texas, it won’t be long before we see people walking around town with their firearms visible.

With shootings happening just about everywhere in the United States, United I.S.D. and Laredo I.S.D. are working to educate their teachers about how to deal with a shooting happening on campus.

It’s a serious topic that both school districts are addressing to their staff members and in case something dangerous happens on campus teachers and staff now exactly what to do.

Preventing crimes on campus is what educators at Laredo I.S.D. and United I.S.D. are learning come the first day of school.

“Obviously is the safety concern of this, and the prevention as the speaker was saying. Prevention is key. Training, and how to respond to that. What to expect, and how to react to it, and how to pretty much not let it happen”, said Jesus Jimenez of Nixon High School.

Lieutenant Dave Grossmen is sharing what, when and how to respond to crimes on campus that can turn into massacres.

“He speaks about situations that may happen in schools. Mass murders in schools, massacres as he calls it, and here simply what we’re trying to do is try to avoid, prevent something of that magnitude happening like for example sandy hook”, said Sheriff Martin Cuellar.

Lieutenant Grossmen says a lot of the violence that happens on campus is being promoted by the media such as movies and video games.

Although this doesn’t surprise Jimenez, it does concern him.

“How to look out for it, that’s another thing that’s very hard to find who is gonna be the next shooting. Like he said the next person to commit a massacre, basically to be vigilant”, said Jimenez.

Jimenez says the visibility of officers on campus will also be a big help.

“Another thing that I am from is guns in the school not necessary educators but actually having armed officers in the school because that’s a deterrent and that’s one thing he pushes for is deterrence and I totally agree with that”, said Jimenez.

Jimenez says schools should continue to teach their students to vigilant. They too can help prevent a massacre from happening on campus.

To better prevent school crimes, Jimenez also says to improve school security. He says having officers visible at all times can help deter crime.