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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I’m Laura Ingraham and this is The Ingraham Angle from Washington tonight. 19 years, can you believe it after Islamic terror changed the course of this nation. Are we failing in our efforts to never forget as rioters and anarchists work to tear down our history? Do we risk forgetting the lessons of 9/11?

Bernie Kerik remember he was commissioner of the NYPD on that day and he’s here to tell us what needs to change. Also, tonight Raymond Arroyo on yet another Biden interview controversy. Plus, what message were the fans sending at last night’s NFL opener. But first, Biden’s friends and child exploitation. That’s the focus of tonight’s angle.  How many times have we heard Democrats claim to be the pro-women party? Phil have you believe they’re all about girl power.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): When women succeed America succeeds. And so, we are unleashing the power of women to take our rightful place in our national life.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The best measures of the nation’s success is how it treats its women.  SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: It is about a group of women who are always informed because we have so much at stake, right. And it’s also about just an expression of voice.


INGRAHAM: Voice, OK. But where are those voices when girls actually need to be protected from exploitation when they’re being sexualized for the pleasure of pedophiles and the profit of pornographers. A lot of these same people go silent, but they’re pro-women and some of their allies in the media will even defend this. Which brings us to the film Cuties now streaming on Netflix.

Like Cardi B’s filthy disgusting song WAP now sung by little girls across the United States and tacitly embraced by Joe Biden.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: One of the things that I admire about you is you keep talking about what I call equity just decency fairness, treating people with respect.


INGRAHAM: Decency. Well, this Netflix film takes us one step closer to a fully pornofied culture. Now check out the original poster promoting the film and you get the picture. The representation in the film are catnip for pedophiles. The story follows an 11-year-old girl in a Muslim family in France who becomes fascinated with sexually explicit dance moves like twerking and a big twerking style dance contest.

It features mostly prepubescent girls in highly sexualized situations. I frankly don’t even want to repeat it here. I actually tortured myself by watching it today, so you don’t have to. Now in a sane world this would seem to be the type of exploitative affair that would unite left and right because who on earth would want to promote sexual representations of children. What decent person wouldn’t want to protect the innocence of young girls in a world that’s already teeming with sexual predators.

I don’t know who other than pedophiles and creeps would want to make a dime off this garbage. Well, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings that’s who. But he doesn’t have the guts to come on camera to defend this because he can’t. So, like a coward, he just puts out a press statement defending this garbage.

Netflix saying it’s an award-winning film and a powerful story about the pressure young girls face on social media and from society more generally growing up and would encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the movie. Nice try.

But what about the other prominent people affiliated with Netflix like Susan Rice, Obama’s former national security adviser. She’s paid handsomely to sit on the board of Netflix. And what about the Obamas. Their deal with Netflix is reportedly worth over $50 million. Michelle prides herself on efforts to help promote girl power worldwide.


MICHELLE OBAMA, FORMER FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: And the last thing that I do want to say to all girls is that be supportive of each other. We have to be our best friends each other. That means we cannot be catty. We cannot compete and see one person’s failure as our success. We can all rise together.  (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: More words. But given the cachet, the Obama name lends to the Netflix brand, one would think that the Obamas would have insisted that Netflix cancel the streaming of this film. But it’s crickets from the Obamas on the Cuties uproar that would require guts from the Obamas.

It would mean criticizing the decision of the Netflix CEO who also happens to be a Democrat mega donor. Well, despite the fact that as of this evening, more than 616,000 have signed the petition urging Netflix subscribers to cancel their subscription over Cuties. I don’t have much of an expectation that Hastings will pull the stream.

Democrats will always side with pornographers over the regular people by citing the need to protect artistic expression. But entertainment companies all run by Left wingers, routinely trample on the principle of artistic freedom when their own issues are impacted. Now, recall the push recently to remove police shows from major networks. And then there was the purge from TV and streaming services of shows that ever depicted blackface.

Netflix happily obliged, censoring a slew of shows. Now, when the controversy currently erupted, the Cuties’ director, well, she acted kind of surprised. She urged everyone to see the film because she said we’re both on the same side of the fight against young children’s hyper sexualization.

On the same side, would Netflix accept the same defense of, I don’t know, a film about a young boy who became fascinated with the KKK, which chronicled his friendships and humanize the main characters? No, they wouldn’t, which would be the right thing to do. Such a film would be universally denounced and rightfully so.

There was one line in the film though that really stuck with me. It was said by an elderly Muslim aunt of the protagonist mom. Now, after a prayer meeting, she asked how the transition to the new housing project where they lived was going. She leaned toward her niece, her face deep with wrinkles, and said.  (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That is why women must be pious, because in hell there will be many more women than men. We must strive to preserve our decency.  (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Strive to preserve our decency. It’s too late for that because somewhere along the line, Hollywood and the word decency ran in the opposite directions. And remember this, as in the Obama years and a Biden administration people like Netflix CEO Hastings, who have open door access to press his pet causes, he’ll seek to influence Biden on all manner of social issues, race relations and a lot of other things, because only in the entertainment bubble, what a guy who profits off the exploitation of children on film still believes he has any moral authority.  (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

REED HASTINGS, NETFLIX CEO: As a consequence of slavery, Jim Crow and housing policy, black families in America have about one-tenth of the wealth of white families. If every major corporation, takes one percent of their cash and deposits it in a black bank. It will be transformative in that sector.  (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: And Biden will nod in agreement because professional Democratic politicians like him spend their careers helping rich leftist from the entertainment industry virtue signal. Now, why not support moms and dads who are trying to protect their daughter’s innocence. Why not refuse to accept support from anyone who turns pre-adolescent girls into sex objects? Because Democrats have made a devil’s bargain, that’s why. And they’re hoping that you will become numb to the degradation as they count their money. Let’s surprise them now, shall we, by voting our values, and that’s the angle.

Joining me now is Matt Walsh, writer for The Daily Wire, host of the Matt Walsh Show podcast, and more importantly, a parent like myself. I have a teenage daughter and two young sons. Matt, you have kids. What is your message to those who are defending this Netflix film as some sort of legitimate social commentary?  MATT WALSH, THE MATT WALSH SHOW: Well, first of all, I don’t believe that they believe what they’re saying. In fact, it’s interesting if you go back and you look at what the – look at the rave reviews of this movie when it first was released at Sundance about a year ago, and the media, they were very excited about it, but they didn’t say anything then really about how it was some sort of searing indictment of child sexual exploitation. They use words like, oh, it’s about freedom. It’s about liberty, it’s about choice. It’s about a girl discovering her feminine identity.

That’s, in fact, what the director said herself at the Sundance Film Festival. She was interviewed. But it’s only after the backlash that all of a sudden, it’s oh, no, no, this is actually a commentary on child sexual exploitation. But the thing is, it doesn’t even matter. That doesn’t even make a difference because there is no context. There’s no plot, there’s no story. There’s no intention that could ever make it OK to film 11-year-old girls dancing, sexually twerking the camera zooming in for lurid close-ups, of their body parts.

Nothing could ever make that OK. It doesn’t even matter what your intention was. It is sexual exploitation by definition. So, you’re commentating on sexual exploitation by doing it. That’s the commentary. I don’t buy it.  INGRAHAM: And Matt, like clockwork after this uproar, the media, as you wrote about, came rushing in to defend the film and the director. The New Yorker’s Richard Brody praised the film as the story of a girl’s outrage at in defiance of a patriarchal order. The Telegraph’s Tim Robey demanded readers forget the moral panic. And The Washington Post Alyssa Rosenberg attack critics saying, it’s a shame a movie about an 11-year-old moral education has made so many adults act stupid. Matt, your response?  WALSH: Well, look, when you’ve got leftists, I guess telling us now that being against pedophilia and being against the sexualization of 11-year- olds is a Right-wing position. Well, hey, I’ll take that as a Right-wing as myself proudly. I will take I will take ownership of that position if you guys on the Left don’t want it, because that’s apparently what we’re being told. And I think that’s important for people to realize, is that this is not just some fringe movie that came out at Sundance and is out in the hinterlands somewhere and nobody’s watching it.

You’ve got major media figures, not just the billion-dollar Netflix, but also major figures in media that are circling the perv wagons around this thing and defending it, which shouldn’t be a surprise, by the way. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that we have movies like this in a country where children are sent to the library to be read stories by drag queens. It shouldn’t be surprising that movies like this exist.  INGRAHAM: Well, let me just say the video that we’re showing tonight that doesn’t capture what’s in the film. I mean, we’re showing kind of – this is not the stuff that we’re talking about. We’re showing and we’re talking about girls who are spreading their legs, motioning to touch their own body parts. I want to say all because it’s so disgusting, basically making a motion on the floor that is a pornographic motion and it goes on and on and on. And it’s completely not necessary really for any type of dramatic representation, Matt.

So, this is being done to titillate a predator. That’s the stuff, to titillate a certain audience. And that audience is an audience sorry, but it’s comprised of pedophiles who have a lot of fare to choose from, frankly, right now in the culture.  WALSH: Yes, they do, unfortunately. And look, I think an actual story that calls out exposes child sexual exploitation. That would be great. I think we need stories like that. But when it comes to a film or TV show, what gives it all away is what the camera is doing. What does the camera want you to focus on? And that’s what gives the attention away on this movie is what the camera is doing, what it zooms in on, it focuses on. There’s just no way, you don’t do that.

If you’re trying to commentate and protest against child sexual exploitation, you can’t actually do the thing that you’re calling out, especially when you consider that these actresses are themselves 11 and 12- years-old. These aren’t adults posing as children. So, you are exploiting these kids to send whatever message you’re trying to send.  And Matt, I feel so bad for the children, and it just actually just broke my heart, me on the politics of it and the mega donor behind Netflix. It’s a heartbreaking thing for our kids and we all have to speak out against this and get active. Your piece was great. Thank you for writing it, Matt.  WALSH: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.  INGRAHAM: And they praise the director of Cuties as some sort of feminist icon. But the Left doesn’t seem at all concerned with the well-being of the next generation of women. What kind of effect will these hypersexualized films have on these little girls and the culture at large? Here to help us understand this, Cynthia Garrett, founder of Cynthia Garrett Ministries, who works with a lot of young women and the author of I Choose Victory.

Cynthia. I actually thought the film wouldn’t be as bad as people were saying, I thought, people must be – but I watched it the entire thing today and I had to keep turning it off when I heard my kids coming down the hallway. I didn’t want them to even come near what I was watching. Your reaction to what you’re hearing about this?  CYNTHIA GARRETT, CYNTHIA GARRETT MINISTRIES FOUNDER: Well Laura, first of all, I’m so happy that you’re covering this because I think the problem is that people want to stick their head in the sand. My reaction to this was, I mean, I was mortified. I was the victim of child sexual abuse. And for any woman or leader from, a former first lady to these men who are heads of these streaming services, Netflix, for them to justify this is really an attempt to justify the fact that they don’t want to deal with truth.

They wouldn’t let their children have made this movie, I’m quite sure. And I think Netflix has just declared open season on our children. This is about the normalization of pedophilia. I hate to say it, but out here in California, we’re dealing with SB-145 being pushed to the floor, and that is truly about making pedophilia a normal sexual orientation. So, where are we going with this? I know where we’re going with it. We’re trying to get kids used to, minor attracted persons, maps, this whole new category of what you call grownups who are attracted to children. And when you start changing these names, Laura, this is about taking the stigma away from the word pedophilia. You’re not a pedophile, you’re a map.  INGRAHAM: There’s massive effort underway for everyone who hasn’t been tuned into this. And we’re going to cover this in-depth next week. Massive effort underway in California to destigmatize pedophilia by lowering the age, by essentially getting rid of the age of consent for certain sexual activity. It is horrific and it has to be stopped. Here’s the director of Cuties, Cynthia defending the film. Take a look.


MAIMOUNA DOUCOURE, DIRECTOR, CUTIES: Cuties is a deeply feminist film, which an activist message. We must all together to figure out what’s best for our children. As a director, as an artist, I’m doing my part with this film. Politicians (inaudible). I think altogether we have to fix what’s gone wrong.  (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Cynthia, you consider this a deeply feminist film quickly.  GARRETT: It is a film that takes away the power that we fight for as women. I consider this a film that tells little girls that the best way to get attention and the best way to feel powerful is to shake your butt. And saying this film is bringing up this discussion of child sexual exploitation is baloney because you don’t exploit children to prove that we need to talk about children.  INGRAHAM: Cynthia, thank you so much. I know you’re going to come back when we go more in depth on this topic next week. Thanks so much. And 19 years ago, today, Americans witnessed one of the most horrific moments in our nation’s history. But amid the destruction and the chaos, heroes rose up to save lives and give us hope. The NYPD Commissioner on 9/11, Bernie Kerik joins us next on why we may have lost our way.  (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The First Lady and I come to this hallowed ground deeply aware that we cannot fill the void in your heart or erase the terrible sorrow of this day. Well, we cannot erase your pain. We can help to shoulder your burden. We promise that unwavering love that you so want and need support, devotion, and the very special devotion of all Americans. America will always rise up, stand tall and fight back.  (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Now, anyone who thinks President Trump is incapable of unifying the country didn’t pay attention to his speech today, commemorating the valiant heroes of 9/11. It’s hard to believe it was 19 years ago after these tragic events. And we still hold dear our promise to never forget. But that’s exactly what some on the Left seem to want. So, how do we make sure that never happens?

My next guest was the commissioner of the NYPD on that tragic day. And Bernie Kerik joins me now. Bernie, I know it’s impossible for any of us to believe that it was 19 years ago, but with this new attitude that we need to somehow tear down our history to cleanse ourselves and replace our old heroes with new radical ones, how does that honor the memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11?  BERNIE KERIK, NYPD COMMISSIONER DURING 9/11: It doesn’t, it doesn’t, but I got to be honest, Laura, I think that’s about, you know, maybe 10 to 15 percent of the American public. That’s these Left-wing radical Marxist, you know, lunatics that are out there trying to, you know, diminish the police, victimize the thugs of villainize the police. The bottom line is, I think 80 to 85 percent of America, maybe 90. I think they know and understand what the police did.

And on that day in 2001, the men and women of the NYPD, the Port Authority police, the fire department, they basically affected the greatest rescue mission in the history of this country by taking 20,000 to 25,000 people out of those buildings in the surrounding buildings and evacuating, evacuating more than a million people out of southern Manhattan into the four boroughs, which has never been done in the history of this country. And it was effortlessly that it was done.  INGRAHAM: And Bernie, I was in Washington and I remember riding my bike over to the Pentagon because after seeing all the roads were closed, I wanted to see it. I remember standing there on this intersection with maybe two or three other people who walked from, I guess there were at the White House and they walked across.  We were just we couldn’t even speak. We could even we couldn’t see that our nation was under attack. Yet all these years later, we seem to be attacking each other, not attacking basic institutions that are essential to our well-being and essential in case, heaven forbid, we have another tragedy like this.  KERIK: You know what, Laura, you need the right people in command, you need the right leaders, and I’m going to get political for a second. There was one person that was at ground zero that walked through ground zero, motivated the troops, incentivized the troops, brought hundreds of his own civilian workers down there. And that was Donald Trump. He wasn’t running for president at the time. He had no idea he was ever going to run for president. He was down there for days. I saw him regularly down there.

And for anybody to talk about him today and make any kind of negative comment about the president and his leadership ability, he was leading then. But you know who I didn’t see at Ground Zero? I didn’t see Joe Biden. Joe Biden was like the kiddie parade that came in for show and tell, took a look around and then skated back to Delaware. That’s what Joe Biden was. Donald Trump was down there inspiring the troops, getting people motivated and doing anything he could for the mayor and I to make our job easier.  INGRAHAM: Personally, I only have a few moments left. But personally, just take us back to that day, Bernie. In the last few seconds, we have.  KERIK: When the first plane hit the tower, I was in my office. When the second plane hit tower two, I was standing in front of it and in about 30 minutes later, the mayor and I were inside 75 Barkley when Tower two imploded on top of us and around us, trapping us in that building. By the end of the day, I lost 23 people. Port Authority cops lost 37. The fire department was 343.

INGRAHAM: Unbelievable story. Thank you for joining us. We so appreciate it on this special day.  9/11 didn’t just rock our nation to its core, it also spawned a new generation of heroes committed to serving their country. And one of the brave men is Alek Skarlatos. Now, he enlisted to serve in the Army National Guard in 2012. Now, five years ago, Alek and his friends thwarted a terror attack on the 15-17 train to Paris, saved hundreds of lives and were immortalized in the process. Now he’s running to represent Oregon’s 4th Congressional District with this message.  (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

ALEK SKARLATOS (R), OREGON CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: I’m not a politician. I actually hate politics, so why am I in a political ad? Because Oregon was burning, and I had to do something. I grew up in Oregon, but I’m not old enough to remember when my opponent, Peter DeFazio was elected because he’s been in office longer than I’ve been alive.  He’s lost jobs for our district. He loses industry in our district and he’s lost our middle class. Peter DeFazio doesn’t live here. He does not work in our lumber yard docks or fields. He doesn’t drink our water or breathe our air. Peter DeFazio lives in D.C. on a yacht.  (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Alek Skarlatos joins me now. Alek, your opponent, Democrat Congressman Peter DeFazio, he’s been elected 16 times. So, why do you think this time is going to be different?  SKARLATOS: Well, he’s been in office longer than I’ve been alive, and honestly, I think people have just had enough. His policies are incredibly divisive. He votes like he’s from Seattle or San Francisco, even though he’s from rural Oregon, which is timber capital of the world, my district. And I mean, really, I just think he’s lost touch with the common working man of Southwestern Oregon.  INGRAHAM: Now, what do you think the regular timber workers are thinking about what’s happening every night in Oregon? Burning, burning, burning, rioting, looting, et cetera.  SKARLATOS: Well, I think that when you encourage these kinds of riots in major cities across the country and then you want to defund police departments, people are reasonably, of course, going to be worried about their safety. And a lot of them are buying guns at a record rate. And they’re really concerned about the direction of this country.

And I think that really are two choices could never be more clear. And I really think people are going to look at these vastly different parties and these vastly different directions that we have to choose from. And I think they’re going to really flee to the Republican Party.  INGRAHAM: Now, Alek, Oregon, people think is impossibly liberal. But things can change. Events can change people’s minds. What makes you think makes this time is different?

SKARLATOS: Oregon’s fourth congressional district was actually the closest district in the country that did not go for Donald Trump in 2016. He only lost by about 0.1 percent, 500 votes. So it’s very competitive despite Oregon’s bad reputation. And I think that we have the right message. The incumbent Democrat, DeFazio, votes with AOC 96 percent of the time. That doesn’t sound like someone that would represent a rural timber district.

INGRAHAM: Alek, you’ve got to win this thing, OK. You were able to defeat terrorists on a train. You can defeat DeFazio in an election. OK, I’m not saying he’s a terrorist, so don’t start writing that article.


INGRAHAM: Alek, we’ll be following your race, loved your commercial. We’ll check back with you soon. Thanks so much.

SKARLATOS: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: And coming up, Biden’s bad day out, and the NFL fans let players know what they think of all those political gestures. It’s Follies next, with Raymond Arroyo.


INGRAHAM: It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday follies. Is Biden hearing things? And NFL fans go MIA for the season opener? Joining us with all the details, Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor.

All right, Raymond, Bret Baier, our own Bret Baier, asked Biden’s press secretary, I didn’t even know he had a press secretary, but he asked him a question this week. Watch.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer a Q&A with supporters?

This is straight from the Trump campaign.

BAIER: I understand, but you can’t answer the question?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bret, I am not going to allow the Trump campaign to funnel their questions through FOX News and get me to respond to that.


ARROYO: Laura, I watched this in amazement. Since there is no disputing Biden has been reading a teleprompter during interviews and these virtual meetings for months, you can clearly see urging the operator to speed things up. And the more important question, and the one that I have been asking each time I see the vice president is, who is in Joe Biden’s ear, Laura? He often reaches for his ear during interviews as if someone is speaking too loudly, and it occurs when he gets flustered. We saw it again yesterday in the Jake Tapper interview. Watch.


BIDEN: He has made some cockamamie deal to his good friend, sending love letters to Kim Jong-un. I mean, what in God’s — to Kim in North Korea, what in God’s name is that all about?



ARROYO: You see what I mean? And this isn’t an isolated event, Laura.

INGRAHAM: I know it sounds, whatever the Korea is.

ARROYO: And we’ve seen it repeatedly. You see it all the time. He’s like the Carol Burnett of the 2020 campaign.


BIDEN: If he can’t figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion.

And again, its’ unfair to say to you guys.


ARROYO: Journalists need to ask Joe Biden, do you have an earpiece, and do you have a prompter in your ear? This will have a material effect, Laura, on the debates. And look, while older actors like Angela Lansbury and even Marlon Brando, they’ve used earpieces to be fed lines, is this what we want from a president? That’s what voters have to ask themselves. And journalists do need to confront him with this question.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, who writes his tweets? We know Trump writes most of his tweets because they’re late at night. So who writes his tweets? And also, I was thinking something else. You know when you get some water in your ear you kind of shake it a little bit. Maybe he just needs to use one of those newfangled ear wax removal devices. Maybe we should send one over to the Biden campaign, Raymond.

ARROYO: The ear syringe they use on —

INGRAHAM: Yes, yes, my kids have that problem with the wax — I’ll work on that. All right, even with the offstage help, though, Biden had, he had some trouble.


BIDEN: We gave them legitimacy. We had firm, firm constraints on what they could buy and what they could sell in their economies. He’s blown it. He’s given them so much credibility. They are closer to a nuclear weapon than they were before.


ARROYO: Now he’s talking about North Korea, Laura. North Korea has had nuclear weapons since 2006. And this is the purported foreign policy expert of the Democratic Party. It’s awfully hard for him to keep holding this torch when Trump is scoring foreign policy victory after the foreign policy victory, as we’ve seen this week with that —

INGRAHAM: Every day, every day —

ARROYO: Those two Arab states embracing Israel.

INGRAHAM: Every day, Donald Trump gets nominated for another Nobel prize. I wake up and I’m like oh, Donald Trump was nominated for another Nobel prize. I’m beginning to think, is this a joke? Are they actually going to be fair? It’s obvious Trump should get the Nobel prize, but Biden will still be talking about the south, north — I thought he was going to say west or east Korea at one point, Raymond. That’s how bad it was. All right, what’s next?

ARROYO: He’s not sure where he is. Yes, he’s all over the place.

I want to point one brilliant move, though, by the Biden advance team, Laura. Notice the uber social distancing, like a half a football field during the Tapper interview. This allowed Tapper to be in Michigan while Biden could simultaneously campaign in Wisconsin. You see the space there. That’s amazing. I love that. This may be one of their triumphs for the advance team.

INGRAHAM: That is the new normal. When especially you’re dealing with a candidate who tends to spit a lot when he talks, there is never going be any droplet concerns from that social distance. That’s like 20 feet.

ARROYO: He’s in a different zip code. Go ahead Laura.


INGRAHAM: While Biden was out on the trail, Kamala Harris was getting the goods on her running mate from Barack Obama. Watch this campaign video.


HARRIS: So tell me about Joe and your relationship with Joe. And what do I need to know? What’s the thing about the ice cream? He loves ice cream. Tell me about that.


OBAMA: Well, listen, ice cream is big. Pasta with red sauce, he can go deep on that.


INGRAHAM: Are you kidding me?

ARROYO: These are the penetrating insights you really need to get from Barack Obama. For a moment, Laura, I thought Harris was interviewing her potential running mate.

The other takeaway from this stellar interview was that Biden gaffes on the campaign trail, like Obama had to tell Kamala that, OK.

INGRAHAM: OK, so he likes pasta.

ARROYO: Yes, and ice cream.

INGRAHAM: And she seems, she seems to have this proclivity, Kamala Harris. She’s a very pretty woman, very attractive woman, but she has this proclivity for laughing at awkward times when things really aren’t that funny. Wouldn’t you just want to really see her laugh at something really funny? What does that look like? She laughs. It’s a constant stream of laughter at odd moments.

All right, Ray, did you see that the NFL season opener, Kansas City last night. The players stood at one-point arm-in-arm while “We Believe Black Lives Matter” and “We Must End Racism” were broadcasted on jumbotrons. And the fans reacted this way.




ARROYO: Laura, this is why viewership was at a 10-year low for a season opener last night. This is what happens when the virtue signaling of these athletes conflict with the fan base. It’s not that they dislike the unity. It’s that they dislike the lecture. That was what they heard there. And it’s a pity that this is what has become of a once great sports franchise.

INGRAHAM: And I think, again, everyone wants racial unity and people to be treated equally, and I think everyone wants that. I think you’re right, it’s the constant lecturing everywhere we go in the entertainment industry, and the pushing of agendas everywhere we turn. I think people want a respite from that.

Raymond, great to see you tonight. Have a good weekend.

ARROYO: Thank you. Great to see you, bye.

INGRAHAM: And ahead, we expose the gross hypocrisy of Hollywood lecturing Americans on racism while profiting off of a country enslaving an entire religious and ethnic group. In moments, a daughter of a Uyghur currently being held in a Chinese concentration camp delivers a stunning rebuke to Disney. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: While Hollywood elites lecture Americans about how racist our country is, they’re making billions off actual racial injustice. The latest example of this disgusting hypocrisy, Disney’s live-action remake of “Mulan.” In the film’s credits they actually include a special thank you to Chinese government agencies, including the Public Security Bureau in the province of Xinjiang. That very province is where the CCP is carrying out vicious genocidal campaigns against the Muslim Uyghurs.

Why would Disney do this? China is poised to become the world’s biggest box office, that’s why, and studios remember what happened the last time they offended China. Back in 1997, the CCP slapped a five-year ban on all these studios behind the movie “Seven Years in Tibet,” which cast China, of course, in a negative light, and that’s a big no-no.

Filming for “Mulan” began two years ago when Bob Iger was the CEO of Disney. Remember, he threatened to stop filming in Georgia, that is in the United States, over its antiabortion law, yet was perfectly happy rewarding a country that has put more than 1 million Muslims in concentration camps? That includes the father of my next guest.

Jewher Ilham is a Uyghur human rights fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. Jewher, what’s your message, given your family’s suffering, to Disney tonight?

JEWHER ILHAM, UYGHUR HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Hello, Laura, thank you for having me. It’s quite a disappointment to see that Disney had not only filmed some of their shots in the Uyghur region, especially close to several camp locations. It’s even heartbreaking for me to know that they publicly thanked the bureau of the Uyghur region.

Now Disney is profiting from the oppression of my people despite widespread international condemnation of the Chinese government’s brutal tactics in the Uyghur region. I won’t really believe it if Disney claimed that they had no idea this was going on, and Disney still chose to go there to film this movie, delivering money and the prestige of an international family brand to those directly engaged in genocide.

INGRAHAM: What should the American people watching tonight know about what’s really going on, what you know what’s going on inside these camps, given the billions of dollars groups like the NBA and other businesses, not just the NBA but many businesses in the United States make an China? What’s happening in these camps?

ILHAM: First of all, my father, Ilham Tohti, is currently serving a life sentence for advocating for peaceful coexistence between the Uyghurs and Han Chinese on his website, and talking to journalists. And there are so many other people just like my father who might have not even spoken up and have never involved in politics, but because of their ethnic identities or because of their religion, they are sent to a concentration camp or a forced labor camp. They are forced to — a lot of them are forced to work with very minimal payments, and in very bad working environments. Some have been released, some have been disappeared, and some have even died.

INGRAHAM: Jewher, here is the common refrain we hear from Hollywood activists.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The foundation of the United States of America is immoral from the get-go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would hate to give birth to someone that looks like me, and then knowing that they are going to be hunted or killed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Racism is in the heart of the country. It’s just, you can’t get away from it.


INGRAHAM: These actors in the United States are condemning U.S. racism, all of them multi, multimillionaires. Yet again, the mass profiting and the bowing down to the Chinese Communist Party when it comes to money being made over there, your reaction tonight?

ILHAM: It’s quite a huge disappointment. Hollywood clearly is not really immune from the charms of getting profit from Beijing. I do understand that promises of access, having access to the massive Chinese market is irresistible for a movie industry, and desperate for revenue, especially in the COVID time when movie ticket sales are simply just down. But at the same time, I’m quite disappointed in them, and I did expect that Hollywood or other companies, big companies like Hollywood could stop being complicit in a genocide.

INGRAHAM: Jewher, we appreciate it and respect your point of view so much, and we’re praying for you, your family, and certainly your father. Thank you so much.

ILHAM: Thank you very much.

INGRAHAM: Some of you may have missed this today, President Trump bestowing the Medal of Honor to a former Delta Force operator. Wait until you hear this story. It’s a tonight’s Last Bite.


INGRAHAM: We want to end the show on this poignant and fitting moment from earlier today, President Trump bestowing the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major Thomas Patrick Payne, and detailing his extraordinary heroism.


TRUMP: Pat ran back into the burning building that was collapsing two more times. He saved multiple hostages, and he was the last man to leave. Pat and his team rescued 75 captives and killed 20 ISIS terrorists. Pat, you embody the righteous glory of American valor. You truly went above and beyond the call of duty to earn our nation’s highest military honor.


INGRAHAM: A lot of tears in the White House. It was an incredible moment.

And I mentioned earlier how 9/11 created a new generation of heroes. Sergeant Major Payne is one of them — 9/11 prompted him to join the Army out of high school, and 19 years later he’s been awarded our highest military honor for his valiant service. Sergeant Major Payne, thank you for your service, and God bless you.

That’s all the time we have tonight.

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