How To Keep A Quiet Mind During Stress | #parenting

Motherhood is tough and loud sometimes. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping a quiet mind while the kids amp up the volume on a daily basis.

As soon as someone has children, one thing becomes very, very clear. The textbooks and pregnancy manuals did NOT tell us about everything. At one point, becoming a mom may have seemed like a pretty Hallmark card where everyone sits around the fire and mom is snuggled up with a latte in her hands and her children play nicely, neatly, and quietly next to her. Sadly, that’s just not how things go on a day-to-day basis…. or at all.

Having kids means endless noise, lots of chatter, bumps and scrapes on a near-daily basis, and a lot of boredom, bickering, and arguing. Parenting is about real life, and real life takes work.

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One of the most difficult parts of being a mom is to keep your cool during moments that are excruciatingly annoying and stressful, and these moments happen multiple times each day. However, amid the screaming children and the toys all over the floor there are some things you can do to stay calm, and keep sane.

Just Breathe

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You’ll be stunned to discover how helpful breathing techniques are, when it comes to keeping you cool, calm, and collected. When the kids are screaming around you and nothing is going the way you planned, it’s very easy to lose your cool, but when you start to feel that emotion rising to the surface…. stop… and breathe!

Inhale and hold the air in for  wee bit before exhaling. Deep breathing exercises are the key to ensuring that the next decision you make or reaction you present is going to be a rational one, and not one that is based on anger or frustration.

Set Your Standards A Tad Lower

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Of course, we’d all love to live in an immaculately clean home, and it’s lovely to think of having everyone on the same page rather than misbehaving, but the standards that moms set for themselves and for their children may be a tad too high, which contributes to the children’s fits and moments of frustration.

Much of the stress you are feeling is projected upon your kids and if you’re feeling anxious about their behavior because you don’t have time to pause for 20 minutes to talk them through it – take a moment to think. Is it because you’re overwhelmed about having to cook dinner, and angry about the toys all over the floor and the paint brush that is on your kitchen floor?

If so, release your frustration and lower your expectations. Frozen pasta is just fine for the night, and the house can be cleaned later. Remove all the layers of complexity that your standards may be forcing you to strive for. It’s ok to be a bit off schedule sometimes.

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Get Some Fresh Air

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The calming powers of fresh air are very real, and getting a quick breath of air may be all it takes to stay calm amid the chaos. When your children are causing chaos around you, and the noise of their talking, screaming, screeching, and playing is just becoming too much for you to handle… take a step outdoors.

Even if all you can do in that moment is to stand on your front porch or walk out to your backyard, go ahead and do it. Take pause, get some air, then go back and try it again. Separating yourself from it all, even if just for a moment or two, can make a huge difference in the outcome of an otherwise stressful situation.

Just Do You

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Moms are notorious for putting themselves last on their own list. It’s our motherly nature to want to take care of everyone’s needs before our own, and that can lead to some poor choices when we’ve reached our limits. When the sights and sounds of parenting become too much, there’s a lot you can do to tap into your personal interests and comfort zones, to ease the stress of the situation at hand.

It’s absolutely fair for you to self regulate before trying to regulate the behavior of your children. Maybe you can pour a glass of wine, do some yoga stretches, bust out into some jumping jacks… or go to a different room and swear, punch a punching bag, or do whatever it takes to handle the emotions that are rising within you. When moms take care of themselves, it becomes a whole lot easier to take care of everyone else.

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