How To Non-Medically Manage Your Bipolar Disorder While Parenting | #parenting

Living with any kind of mental health disorder is really hard, including bipolar disorder. According to Mayo Clinic, this disorder can make someone who has it experience very high moods, as well as some very serious depression. Those who have bipolar disorder usually have to take medication to manage it. But, in addition to medication, there are some things parents can do to make having the disorder while raising children a little bit easier.

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Talk To Kids About It

One of the most important things a parent can do is communicate with their little ones. That is even more true when one of their parents is dealing with bipolar disorder or any other kind of mental health condition.

According to Bphope, this can help children understand why their parent with bipolar disorder has moods that might be confusing to them. Also, it’s good for a parent to allow their children to ask questions during discussions like this.

Co-Parent With Someone

One of the good things a parent can do when they are living with bipolar disorder is to allow someone else to co-parent with them. This person is often the child’s other parent or the spouse of the bipolar parent, but it doesn’t have to be. The person a bipolar parent can share their parenting responsibilities with can be someone who is just a good friend, or even one of the child’s grandparents.

Try To Avoid Lots Of Challenges

There are a lot of things a person should really think about when they have bipolar disorder, and that is even more true if they are a parent. Furthermore, one of the things that they should think about is how many challenges they can take on without feeling a lot of pressure. Sometimes it is best if a bipolar parent lets other people help them handle some of the challenges that might pop up in their life.

Take Others Into Consideration

When one is dealing with bipolar disorder, it can be really hard for one to think about how their disorder affects other people. However, that is something that they should do, according to Medical News Today. If a person who is a parent is bipolar, they need to think about how their symptoms might impact those who spend a great deal of time around them, such as their children. They might also want to let them know that their symptoms are not caused by other people.

Remind The Kids That They Are Loved

Having bipolar disorder is tough, but being raised by a parent who has it is tough as well. Sometimes people, including parents, have a difficult time managing mental health disorders, and bipolar disorder is no different. But in addition to taking any medication that they are told to take; bipolar parents can manage their condition by reminding their children that they are loved. Furthermore, this is good for other parents to do as well, even if they are not bipolar.

Kids Should Avoid Feeling Shame

No one should feel ashamed just because they have a mental health disorder. But in addition to that, parents who are bipolar should also make sure that their children do not feel shame because they are being raised by someone with a mental health condition. There is a stigma surrounding conditions like this one, and kids might feel as though they are unable to relate to other children who are not being raised by a bipolar parent, which might cause them to feel some shame.

Use An Alarm

The depression that one experiences when they are dealing with bipolar disorder can keep them from wanting to get out of bed. But when kids are part of a person’s life, staying in bed is not an option. Therefore, having an alarm is a good idea, according to We Have Kids. This can help bipolar parents make sure that they wake up and get out of bed in the morning.

Timeouts Aren’t Just For Kids

It is easy for parents to feel a bit overwhelmed, and that is especially true for those who are dealing with a mental health condition such as bipolar disorder. But there are some helpful things that they can do to manage their disorder and make life a bit easier. One of those things is taking a few moments for themselves occasionally.

Remember To Be Kind

It’s not hard for a child to be able to tell when their parents are feeling upset or frustrated. In fact, those who are raised by bipolar parents might have an even easier time realizing things like this than those who are not. Therefore, bipolar parents should try to speak kindly to their children as often as they can. Furthermore, that is something other parents should also do.

Avoid Triggers

Avoiding triggers can be good for anyone who has bipolar disorder, but that is especially true for those who have children. The symptoms a bipolar parent has that are triggered by certain things won’t be triggered as much if those parents do this, and their children are likely to feel less triggered as well.

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