How yoga can help children relax and re-energise | #parenting

Yoga can help kids in their schooling years. Children at this age have high energy, are easily distracted and are unable to concentrate for long periods of time.

Encouraging children to practise yoga in school can help them relax and refocus their energy.

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Yoga is great for their overall well-being. Attending long classes, new teachers or a sudden change in routine can be stressful and cause anxiety in students. The lack of movement and sitting quietly in a class can be tedious and make them feel restless and fidgety. Research has shown that movement is important.
Yoga is great for the overall well-being of  kids.  (Photo: PR handout)

Yoga helps children with physical movement; it calms, de-stresses and rejuvenates their mind during the school hours. Practising yoga regularly has multiple benefits — it improves classroom behaviour, concentration, balance, flexibility, and helps them imbibe moral values. Introducing yoga to children while they are in school helps them manage their emotions, too.


Power Breath is perfect for empowering, energizing and boosting your child’s confidence. Try adding some affirmations to this breath for positive energy as you raise your arms up with your child. Use affirmations like , ‘I am Strong….. Ha”, I am Brave…… Ha! Or “I am filled with Energy….. Ha! Encourage your child to come up with her/his own affirmations and take turns saying them as you practice this exercise together.


– Empower
– Stretch
yoga Yoga helps children with physical movement; it calms, de-stresses and rejuvenates their mind during the school hours.  (Photo: PR handout)
What to do

1. Sit down with your legs crossed in the easy pose.
2. Inhale and stretch your arms out to your sides and up to the sun.
3. Grab some of the sun’s powerful energy and forcefully exhale to say “Ha!” as you pull it down into your own pace of power, your solar plexus, which is just below your rib cage.
4. Repeat this sequence at least three times or until you feel yourself filled up with power and light.


Deep breathing is a great way to relax and let go of pent up emotions. This when combined with imagination can augment the relaxation response.


– Calms
– Helps in anger management

What to do

1. Breathe in deeply through your nose.
2. Then lift your hands up, tilt your head upwards and exhale through your mouth just like a whale spouts water and air from its blowhole.
3. This breath is really  helpful when you are feeling angry and need to calm down.
yoga Yoga can be practised any time during the day (Photo: PR handout)
Star Finger Balloon Breath

Deep Breathing is a great way to relax and let go of pent up emotions. This breath helps in bringing your focus to your breath.


– Calms
– Restores
– Improves Focus

What to do

1. Start by sitting on your bottoms in the easy pose. Back straight.
2. Now bring your fingertips together and join the fingers of both hands.
3. Every time you breathe in, your fingers open up forming a big star balloon with every exhale the star balloon deflates.
4. Make sure you stretch your fingers and make a big star balloon with every inhale.
5. Repeat three times.

Yoga can be practised any time during the day; there are a variety of poses suitable for kids of different age groups. Yoga sessions can be planned and included in the school curriculum and can work like a reset button for kids at school.

(The writer is founder of Li’l Yogis, a kids yoga academy, and a certified kids yoga and mindfulness expert)

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