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The Hunting Ground’: Jameis Winston rape accuser, Don McPherson speak out in documentary

The woman who accused Florida State football star Jameis Winston of rape is speaking out for the first time in a new documentary that’s making waves at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. reports Erica Kinsman identifies herself in “The Hunting Ground” as the woman who accused Winston of sexually assaulting her at his apartment on December 7, 2012. The film premiered Friday at Sundance, exploring concerns about violent sex crimes at college campuses across the nation.

The Daily Beast reports Kinsman, 20, says in the film that Winston — though she didn’t know who he was at the time — stopped another man at a Tallahasee bar from hitting on her by putting his arm around her and saying she was his girlfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, she later passed out after drinking and then woke up at Winston’s place to find him on top of her, having sex. She says in the film she and one of his roommates begged him to stop, but he took her into a bathroom and continued to rape her.

Kinsman reported the assault and had a rape kit performed, but the case didn’t make any ground until November 2013 when DNA provided by Winston matched a sample taken from her underwear that night. A month later, it was announced no charges would be filed due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

“Rape is a vicious crime,” the FSU quarterback said in a statement. “The only thing as vicious as rape is falsely accusing someone of rape.”

“The Hunting Ground,” directed by Oscar nominee Kirby Dick, claims less than 4 percent of college students are also athletes, but student-athletes commit 19 percent of sexual assaults on campus.

Former Syracuse football star Don McPherson talks about the case in the documentary, too.

“He won the Heisman trophy with his DNA in a rape kit,” the former NFL star says at the 1:08 mark in the film’s trailer as Florida State’s campus is shown.

McPherson, who finished second in Heisman voting after an undefeated season with SU in 1987, is now a feminist author and director of Sport in Society’s Mentors in Violence Prevention Program.

“We don’t teach our boys to be men. We teach them not to be girls or not to be homosexual or a sissy,” he told in 2013. “With our language we make women a ‘less than.'”

“The Hunting Ground” will be released in theaters and air on CNN later this year, according to The Daily Beast.


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