Huntingdon Valley Library: Alliance Reading Circle For Teens – May 13 | #socialmedia | #children

May 3, 2021

This new group for teens meets regularly to share resources, personal experiences, and books to help equip each of us to be a better ally, an active anti-racist, and an agent for social equity.

All youth in grades 6-12 are welcome to attend. We encourage participation from students of every race, culture, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic class, religious background, physical and neuro-ability.

Next Alliance Reading Circle Meeting:

May 13 will be our second A.R.C. meeting and we welcome new participants. During our virtual get-together we will continue to tackle the topic of “What to Say.” We will look to experts (writers), activists (bloggers, organizations and social media), and each other (thoughtful community members who are ready to engage) to help us prepare for these conversations and build the confidence to speak up.

Participants in this discussion-based program are welcome to take a look at the optional reading list below in advance of our meeting. Students are also encouraged to find their own resources to share with the group – books, websites, blog posts, Instagram memes, graphic novels, something meaningful a friend once said to you – anything that you have found to be useful in this endeavor.

If you would prefer not to speak during our meeting but would like to submit a question, comment, experience or resource recommendation anonymously, please use this google form.

Optional Reading List

Below are some recommended books which can serve as a starting point our second meeting.

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