‘I’ll make you fake ones!’ Deputy at Portland jail swiped COVID-19 vaccination cards for relatives’ college registration, investigators say | #College. | #Students

One of two of the fake COVID-19 vaccine cards retrieved from a kitchen cupboard in jail deputy Robert J. Haney’s home in Battle Ground, Wash. in May. The cards retrieved had no names or dates of birth on them but did show dates of completed vaccine doses and official product lot numbers of the particular vaccines given that matched those from a card belonging to a co-worker.

Multnomah County jail Deputy Robert J. Haney swiped a couple of blank COVID-19 vaccination cards during a clinic for staff and photographed a co-worker’s completed card to create vaccination cards for his cousin’s children to use for college enrollment, investigators found.

Haney even bragged to others that he told his cousin, “Hell, give me their information. I’ll make you fake ones!” according to a fellow deputy who reported him.

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