I’m a mum-of-three and have been pregnant for most of my teens – trolls shame me but I can’t wait to have another baby | #socialmedia | #children

A young mum-of-three who has been pregnant for most of her teens has hit back at cruel trolls who say it’s not something she should “tell strangers or be proud of.”

Kayte, who is 23-years-old and from the UK, took to TikTok and shared a short video revealing the ages she’s been pregnant.


Kayte, who is 23-years-old, shared a short video revealing the ages she’s been pregnantCredit: TikTok / @kayteloryn
The mum-of-three revealed she's hoping for baby number four soon2

The mum-of-three revealed she’s hoping for baby number four soonCredit: TikTok / @kayteloryn

She explains: “Ages I’ve been pregnant – 14, 15, 16, 17, 19…and hopefully again soon.”

Many of Kayte’s social media followers were left confused as to how how she has been pregnant for so many years considering she has three children.

In a second video, she clarifies: “I fell pregnant at 14,
planned a baby at 16, became a single mum of two at 17 and met the love of my life at 18.

I planned another baby at 19 and am now planning baby number 4.”

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The post has since garnered a whopping 94,000 views and been inundated with very mixed comments from social media users.

“It’s something I would not tell strangers or be proud of,” commented one cruel troll.

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A second penned: “And you wonder why you get labelled… no respect for yourself.”

A third asked: “And you are proud,???????????”

However, in a third video, Kayte hit back at some of the common assumptions she’s received for being a teen mum.

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Proving the trolls wrong, she revealed how she got her own place at 16 and had two cars by 18, all while working in a career she loves.

Kayte captioned the post: “Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something!”

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