I’m a parenting expert – here’s the trick to disciplining your toddler WITHOUT telling them off | #parenting

IF YOU are struggling to discipline your toddler, parenting expert Dr Kristyn Sommer is here to help.

Getting a tot to listen to you can be a challenging task, but Dr Kristyn has a clever way to get your toddler disciplined and it doesn’t involve telling them off.


Dr Kristyn Sommer is here with her advice on discipling a childCredit: Tiktok//@drkristynsommer

Your go-to-technique might be to shout at your child, or give them a time out and put them on a naughty step, but there’s none of that involved here.

Instead, it’s all about the language you use and asking your child questions about their actions.

Dr Kristyn Sommer has a whopping 353.6k followers on TikTok and uploaded her parenting advice video with the caption ‘The best trick in my book’. 

She explained: “Here’s how I discipline my daughter, as a mum with a PhD in child development.

“I don’t tell her she’s naughty, I don’t tell her she’s bad, I don’t tell her that anything she does makes her an inherently bad person or a naughty child.

“I very rarely tell her to stop, only when it’s dangerous.

“But what I do instead is really important.”

Dr Kristyn Sommer employs positive reinforcement to discipline her daughter and focuses on the terminology she uses.

She continued: “I use the terminology: good decisions and bad decisions, for good choices and bad choices.

“So when she first does something wrong, I ask her if she thinks that decision is a good decision or a bad decision, even if it’s in the moment.


“If she looks confused, I’ll tell her if it was a good decision or a bad decision and give her some suggestions for how to make a better decision. 

“So for example, if she climbs up on the table, I’ll ask her, when she’s safe, if it’s a good decision or a bad decision. She’ll say bad.

“Then what she’ll do is climb back down. When she chooses to climb down, I’ll tell her it was a great decision and I’ll celebrate it.

“That’s how you can use positive reinforcement to discipline.” 

Dr Kristyn Sommer’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up a whopping 2.5million views. 

It has 235.5k likes, 3,081 comments and 16.1k shares. 

Many parents were impressed with this method and took to the comment to express this. 

One person said: “This is what we do in day care. we ask the child “is this choice a safe choice?” then explain to them why it’s unsafe if we need to.” 

Another added: “I swear your mama videos are amazing.” 

A third commented: “This is exactly how I parent… my eldest is 10 and my youngest is 4 and its never let me down I now get compliments on my children.”

2.5million people have seen Dr Kristyn Sommer’s video on discipline2

2.5million people have seen Dr Kristyn Sommer’s video on disciplineCredit: @drkristynsommer/Tiktok

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