Improving parenting style using mindful meditation | #parenting

Every parent is often looking to up their game when it comes to parenting.

There are many ways that we can find on ThesisHelpers that can help any parent improve their parenting skills. Such skills do not have to make our lives complicated. However, different skills have a particular impact on the lives of children. One right way is mindful meditation. The challenge is understanding what mindful meditation is. Below are some tips on mindful meditation.

Mindfulness matters

We can define meditation as the practice of centering and calming the mind. The practice was part of the Hindu culture that has been in practice for thousands of years. Different religions and cultures then adapted meditation.

Stress-free parenting

Parenting is stressful and challenging. However, the best aspects of us displaying on our kids can be rewarding and amazing. It is essential to develop ways that we can use to manage our frustrations. Our kids are a direct reflection of what we do, and we must be careful about what we do in front of them. A simple medication, even for a few minutes, could entirely change our parenting style.

Scientific backup

Several research findings show that we can improve the adverse effects like stress, depression, and anxiety through mindfulness. Mindfulness helps reduce pain, both physically and emotionally. The findings also show that it helps in coping with the adverse effects. Science supports mindful meditation as a perfect tool for parenting.

Meditation changes our brain

Meditation helps in reducing the rate of aging of the brain tissues. Science proves the meditation can alter the brain and help it from aging and alleviate diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive impairment. So, a little focus on meditation goes a long way in making our brains healthier.

Effect on meditation on the kids

There are very many pressures that children go through in this day and age compared to the past. Social media is one of the things boosting anxiety and depression nowadays, which is a thing that did not exist in the past. Mindful meditation can be the remedy to this. Parents can incorporate the practice in their child’s lives and help them cope with the online pressure affecting them. However, getting the children to do meditation is hard to do, since they are not patient enough to go through the entire meditation. So a few minutes within the weeks could also give good results.

Way to meditate

Seated meditation

It is one of the easiest ways to do some mindful meditation. Do it daily for around 5 to 15 minutes. Morning hours are the best time to do it. You should also ensure that you are in a secluded a place that has the least distractions.

Practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another way of meditation that involves movement. It is an activity that you do alone, contrary to the Chinese practice done as a group. There are several Tai Chi classes that you can attend or use youtube videos to get a better idea if you do not have an idea of how to do it.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a practice that has been present for thousands of years. There are many styles that you can practice yoga. They differ in the intensity, but they have one common goal: to calm and focus the mind via healthy movement and breathing. The result should be beneficial to you, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


If you need to reduce your anxiety and stress levels and have a great sense of patience and calmness for you and your child, you should consider mindful meditation. It is one practice that you are sure to see instant results. It has been proven to work and make the parenting situation better. Start today, and enjoy your parenting. 

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