In My Week: The Choking Game and more

In My Week: Speaking on things that mattered in my week. What I did not mention in this video is that Jen’s 13year old son died as a result of playing the ch…


3 thoughts on “In My Week: The Choking Game and more

  1. sebastian ericson

    bout chokingame? bomboclaaawt di yutes dem luuuuuu eeeh?? thanx 4 raisin
    the awairness dis muss sum yanky game mi neva heard of mi heard of grown
    ppl doin it to freak out but neva dis how di pickney dem a gwaan suh?? YOUT

  2. jennblossom6688

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping me get the word out.
    Thanks to you, my ten minute speech really means something. Our Brandon is
    looking down smiling. Hugs.