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Indian teachers emerged as helpers when school-colleges in the US were closed due to the Corona virus epidemic. Teachers in India are teaching children from many countries around the world at home, not just America. Many international education portals and app platforms are provided in his contribution. For this reason, this contribution of teachers of India is also being appreciated all over the world.

American parents happy with Indian teachers
According to the report of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, schools were discharged for several months in Atlanta, US during the transition to Corona. During this, Sheri Akrele started teaching her two children studying in seventh and third grade through online medium. He told that my children got one-to-one attention even while studying online. However, studying from home is more hard work. Still it is affordable.
Increasing opportunities for teachers from online education industry
New doors are opening for Indian teachers due to increasing demand for online reading. These teachers are teaching every single subject from calculus to computer programming to American children. They are helping American high school students get their homework done. Also college students understand their economics and engineering subjects better.

Good initiative for Indian economy too
Corona virus has caused huge damage to India’s economy. But, the rapidly growing education-technology industry has given jobs to a large number of teachers. In which many Indians are doing a lot along with online learning. Technical experts are also getting jobs in this industry.

Foreign companies are also keeping Indian teachers
Chegg, an online education company based in California, USA, said that by September this year, the number of students has increased by 69 percent. The company currently has 3.7 million subscribers. One of the company’s more popular services is to help solve difficult homework questions. This company relies on thousands of teachers from India for this work. Who answer the questions of American students sitting in India.


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